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RUSH: There has to be a backlash, folks, on this media coverage of The Messiah. There just has to be a backlash against the Drive-By Media. I was telling Snerdley in our kitchen back there, Mikhail Gorbachev, Lenin, Stalin never got this kind of coverage from their media. And they owned it! And they dictated to it! I mean, this is amazing. McCain gets off the plane in New Hampshire yesterday with one reporter and one cameraman. The Drive-Bys talk about themselves all the time, and now they’re defending this, and they’re analyzing this. David Rodham Gergen at CNN said Obama made a big, big mistake. There’s only one president at a time, and he’s out there negotiating with Maliki and all these other foreign leaders as though he’s the president. Now, it’s a mistake if Obama pays for it. I don’t know how he’s going to pay for it, but I’ll tell you, we got countless examples of it. The Messiah did a presser today in Amman, Jordan, and the media is all upset because they chose an outdoor site for the presser, and the media had to sit there and sweat waiting for Obama and conducting the press conference.

I watched the press conference and I heard the answers. I heard the answers. I didn’t hear too many questions. I mean, the questions were asked, but I don’t know what the questions were. A couple of reporters got to a microphone, you could hear their questions, but I got Obama’s answers, I don’t know what he was answering. But I’ll tell you, one thing I noticed, he was stuttering like Ed Koch. I told Cookie, put together a montage of this, uh, uh, uh. It was bad, folks. He was stumbling all over.


There’s a line of reasoning, a New Media template that has surfaced, ladies and gentlemen, to support the trip by The Messiah, Obama, to the Middle East, and it is this. Americans don’t care whether the surge worked; they’re not interested in the surge. David Shuster at DNC television made it plain on Scarborough’s show, Americans don’t care about that, the surge. That can’t possibly help McCain, the surge. All the American people want is for the war to be over. They just want out. They want out; they don’t care about the surge. This is very clever on the part of the Drive-Bys because Obama’s all over the place on the surge. Even after it’s worked, he was asked by Terry Moran of ABC News. (We’ve got this audio sound bite coming up here. I’m just setting the table.) He was asked if knowing what he knows now, would he go back and support it.

He said, ‘No, I wouldn’t have supported the surge,’ and he essentially says that he wouldn’t have supported it ’cause he needed a political disagreement with George Bush to get the Democrat nomination. I’ll tell you, the arrogance of this guy is breathtaking, the arrogance of the media. I tell you, there’s going to be a backlash on the part of the American people aimed at the Drive-By Media, when all this is said and done. People, even the Drive-Bys themselves, are talking about it. Now, here’s a little entry from Politico.com. ‘It may not sway many voters,’ they say, ‘but on Friday, as Obama embarked on an extended trip abroad intended in large part to relieve concerns about his commander-in-chief bona fides, the terms of debate in Iraq began a dramatic shift that appears to favor his candidacy. President Bush, who had been opposed to any timetable for removing American forces from Iraq reached an agreement with Nouri al-Maliki to set a general time horizon for a withdrawal.’

Now, what’s happening here is that all of this stuff just coincidentally happens at the same time that The Messiah is on the ground in the Middle East, and Drive-Bys are actually portraying this as Petraeus agrees with Obama, Maliki agrees with Obama, all of these people involved agree with him. That is how this is being portrayed. It is transparent; it is obvious. Anyone who pays scant attention can see what is going on here. There is no longer a media in this country. There is simply an established propaganda arm for the Democrat Party and any and all who relate to it in any way, elected and unelected. So Obama goes to Afghanistan and says he would send more troops there. This is after the president and the secretary of defense and our NATO patterns have already said they were going to deploy more troops there, weeks and even months before Obama says it.

But the media report this as if it is some kind of great new thinking originating with Obama, that nobody else has had the idea, and that now everybody’s agreeing with Obama after he has said it. And they’re doing this not under the cover of darkness. They’re doing this with all of this watching. They figure they can get away with this because they haven’t reported what’s been going on in Afghanistan; they haven’t reported the success in Iraq, and so when Obama comes along and says something about it… There’s a story here in the stack about the media is excusing their slavish reporting on Obama by saying, ‘Hey, we’re doing good work here. We’re covering a bunch of stories while reporting on Obama. We’re covering the surge. We’re covering Iraq. We’re covering Afghanistan. We’re covering the Middle East.’ Of course the rejoinder to that is, ‘Well, you could have been doing that all along, long before Obama ever got there.’

But since Obama’s going there, now a lot of these reporters are reporting on this for the first time, and they’re actually saying that what Obama’s policies are, what his statements while on the trip and before now are being adopted by everybody, fulfilling my prediction that this trip is specifically designed to raise to these lofty heights of statesmanship Barack Obama, when he clearly has no idea what he’s talking about — as you shall hear soon when we get to the audio sound bites. Now, in Iraq, the goal has been to draw down our troop levels, and that’s been announced repeatedly over the last several weeks. The White House, the president, they’ve all talked about this. Now because of some general agreement to do that over time, Obama is said to have promoted this and the policy is his and that everybody in the region is agreeing with him.

Furthermore, the surge doesn’t matter anymore. It doesn’t matter because the American people don’t care about the surge; they just want the war to be won and to be ended. Well, the surge is the reason the war is going to be won! We could lose it still by pulling out too soon. Mookie’s boys and the Iranians are sitting around salivating, waiting for their chance to get back in there, ’cause they don’t believe the Iraqis are fully capable. Obama also — you know what? You know why the surge worked, folks? You know what Obama said why the surge worked? It had nothing to do with our military, very little to do with the military. The Iraqis finally got their political act together. That’s why the surge worked. The facts regarding Iraq are these: Obama opposed the surge, and he did so repeatedly. He was dead wrong. The surge has worked, which he had to admit.

But he’s only done that begrudgingly because Obama cannot and will not accept the political consequences of his own idiotic comments, and he’s not going to be held to them because the Drive-Bys are giving him credit for starting the whole withdrawal process. Now, the fact that our government and the Iraqi government make arrangements for the Iraqi government to take over most military responsibilities, giving us the ability to reduce our presence there, is not some shocking new revolutionary undertaking because the former ‘community activist’ came up with the idea. This is laughable. It is insultingly laughable that all this is happening ’cause Obama had the idea, but they’re honestly telling us this, they are portraying it precisely this way. Do you realize how absurd and irresponsible all of this is?

One other thing, too. Since when does a candidate for president traveling to these countries as a sitting senator presume to make US policy in any event? He’s a candidate. We already have a president, and Obama is pimping Bush’s ride. Bush has done all the heavy lifting here. It was Bush and only Bush, in terms of US politics. I’m not trying to leave out the military, please don’t misunderstand. Bush has had the entire Democrat Party, including Obama, lined up against him trying to destroy him, trying to destroy victory, trying to ensure defeat. It’s insulting to listen to this pap, this flummery that Obama is some brilliant statesman who is responsible for all these new policies, which have been the general idea since the get-go in terms of how to get out of there: Stay until the Iraqis could protect themselves and then scram. Obama came up with this?

I mean, even David Gergen on CNN had to say this is not good. This is not good. He’s not the president. There’s only one president at a time, and candidates don’t run around making policy on the part of the United States. Now, in addition to this being more evidence of Obama’s uncontrollable arrogance, it is unacceptable behavior. It is just unacceptable behavior. We have one foreign policy in this country, but the Democrats have been trying to sabotage it, with Pelosi going over to Syria, a number of other Democrats going over, trying to undermine the policy. If Obama wants to change US foreign policy, fine, but he has to be elected first. If he is sitting with these world leaders, working out details with them, it is a disgrace.

To come out of these meetings and announce that he is committed to sending 10,000 more troops to Afghanistan or that he and the Iraqis agree to some timetable, it is dangerous. It is pathetic. He has no constitutional authority to negotiate anything or to represent this country in these discussions. He simply doesn’t have the authority, moral or otherwise. Yet he is being granted that authority by the Drive-By Media. The Drive-By Media are making this sound like, ‘Finally, we have a leader who knows how to handle these situations.’ It is pathetic, it is disgraceful to watch this unfold before our very eyes, and it is laughable. It is egregious to sit here and watch the Drive-Bys defend themselves on this. There is going to be a backlash, and there’s going to be a backlash against Obama on this, too. The Drive-Bys will notice it way too late.

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