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RUSH: All right. Big trouble, big shakeup at the Justice Brothers, ladies and gentlemen. The Reverend Jackson, it has been revealed used the N-word describing not Obama, but black people in general on that Fox tape. Here’s the Drive-By Media montage.

SHIPMAN: Jackson used the N-word to refer to blacks.

CHO: Jesse Jackson used the N-word!

GLOR: Jesse Jackson’s use of the N-word…

MORALES: Jesse Jackson used the N-word.

SMITH: Jesse Jackson using the N-word.

HALL: Jesse Jackson used the N-word in reference to African-Americans!

RUSH: Big whoop. This is a surprise to anybody? This is what I mean by us being distracted. We’ve always known he’s a race hustler. We’ve always known he only has any power ’cause the Democrat Party’s granted it to him. Go back to November 27th, 2006.

JACKSON: We are urging all people in public usage to stop using this word ‘nigger.’ No other group is subjected to such a degrading terminology. We must not profit off of degradation and sell self-hate to a music beat. We deserve a higher sense of dignity and respect.

RUSH: Everybody knows this is smoke and mirrors. This news is just a distraction. ‘Jesse Jackson used the N-word.’ How many black people don’t? They can. They’re allowed to. But a Justice Brother is not happy.

SHARPTON: I think that this certainly does not reflect the Reverend Jackson that we all know and love. I think that we have to be consistent. Uh, we have denounced the N-word on National Action Network and other groups. Uh, those of us and many of us have used it privately —

RUSH: Stop the tape! Stop the tape! Stop the tape. This is not authentic. Here’s the real story behind the Justice Brothers.

(playing of Justice Brothers spoof)

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