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RUSH: Arlington, Virginia, this is Rick. Rick, welcome to the program, sir. Nice to have you here.

CALLER: Good afternoon, sir. Rush, I haven’t heard you mention Phase II of Operation Chaos since the Obama campaign cut you off at the knees. Ever since they capitalized on your announcement of Phase II stating your blind sheep followers were welcome to help set the Democratic agenda, you’ve been silent. And I work for a delivery organization as a cover carrier running dozens of routes, and whenever I walk into a business location and here someone listening to you or any of the conservative talk radio shows, I always ask them if they listen to any other conservative talk shows. Over 95% of them listen to at least one other show, and well over half of them listen to conservative talk radio from the time they get up in the morning until they turn on the O’Reilly Factor and Hannity & Colmes at night. They tell me they almost never watch television, and after years of honing in on this, I’ve concluded that 25% of the voters, the people who voted for Reagan, their kids and their grandkids listen solely to you and Hannity and Savage and Ingraham and Levin, but all while 75% of the voters are being told to vote for Democrats on every television show that they watch, they are being told to vote for Democrats in every newspaper they read. Your caller who called a couple of weeks ago, Rush, to say you were doing nothing but preaching to the choir was exactly right. I think the nitwits who listen to talk radio are more brainwashed than what you claim those who are getting their news from the networks and the Washington Post are. Like that caller said, you aren’t doing a damn thing to affect 75% of the voters out there. Just look at the last election. Democrats won more than 600 legislative seats —

RUSH: You know what?

CALLER: — from the Republicans in the very last election, and look what you just said the other day, they’re about to win another 75 in the House. They’re going to have a supermajority and your caller who said you preached to the choir was right.

RUSH: Rick.

CALLER: — preaching to three-quarters of the voters —

RUSH: Hey, Rick.

CALLER: — yes?

RUSH: I want you to keep thinking this way. I want you to keep taking these anecdotal surveys as you deliver your things in America’s businesses. I want you to keep fooling yourself into what you believe is true because you’ve obviously had to go out — because you have such a fear of me and this program — that you had to go out and conduct anecdotal research survey, while you, Rick, not a member of the choir, are listening every day to be able to quote to me what callers are saying to me. And Rick, let me tell you something, old buddy, old pal, there are millions of other Democrats and liberals like you who are listening every day out of fear, the same kind of fear you have. I heard it in your voice, Rick. I heard it in your filibustering. If I’m not a factor, you wouldn’t have to bother listening, you wouldn’t have to bother calling and telling me I’m not a factor. But you know that we are all factors here Rick, old buddy, old pal. And you just sit back, you just wait and see what all’s going to happen down the road. Nobody in talk radio has ever claimed, Rick, that they get anybody they want elected or any issue they want passed. It’s not what it’s all about. You have indicated a great misunderstanding and lack of depth in analyzing what we do here, and you have displayed it with a tremendous amount of fear. As to Operation Chaos, it’s happening, Rick. You just can’t see it.

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