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RUSH: Ah, this is just great. Operation Chaos Phase II. ‘Clinton Die-Hards Want Convention Vote,’ and, in fact, Thomas B. Edsall (who used to work at the Washington Post and now posts his writings at the Huffington Post) is also posting (paraphrased)’You know, this Obama guy. He was up 15. Now he’s tied in the Newsweek poll. He was tied in the Rasmussen, but he’s losing ground fast. He’s selling us all out. Maybe the cooler heads will prevail and we’ll go with Hillary at the convention.’ This is an undercurrent that’s starting to effervesce out there, ladies and gentlemen. Yeah, the polls. Newsweek. Obama is up 15 in their last poll. He’s up three. That’s a tie, margin of error tie in the most recent poll. The Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll has ’em tied, Obama and McCain (laughing), and it’s funny to read the Newsweek people. They can’t explain their own poll, but it’s right in their own story! They explain all of his so-called flip-flops, and these are not flip-flops. This is just Obama abandoning his primary voters thinking he’s got to expand his base, which he does. He cannot win as a far-left, fringe kook, liberal.

No liberal can win a presidency on that; they’ve gotta move to the center. The New York Times is all happy about this, and other Drive-By Media elements are happy because they’re now saying that both candidates are in the center. In fact, there’s a story in the LA Times about how there’s no difference now between Obama and McCain, and isn’t this just a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful thing. Here it is: ‘Obama, McCain Agree on Many Once Divisive Issues.’ Awwww, that’s such a beautiful thing! Yes, they’re both centrists now. Let me tell you what this is. I know the Drive-Bys, folks. They don’t care about McCain. This is an attempt by the LA Times to tell the American people Obama’s not the extremist that he is regarding his associations, Jeremiah Wright and all these clowns. So they’re happy to write Obama is centrist. McCain, it’s long been known, lurks around in there in what is the center. But anyway — I think these polls — I don’t think Obama probably was up 15. I don’t know that it’s tied now, and I can tell you this: It doesn’t matter.

Because if polls mattered — it’s just not close enough, even now it’s not close enough. Hell’s bells, folks, we haven’t even had the conventions. There’s all kinds of stuff that can happen at the Democrat convention. There’s all kinds of stuff that can happen anywhere. These polls, if they were accurate, Rudy Giuliani would be the Republican nominee and Hillary would be the Democrat nominee. That’s how worthless all those polls a year ago were, and so were the polls now. These are just excuses for the lazy Drive-Bys to create news stories using polling data.

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