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RUSH: I mentioned this earlier in the program, my friends. Last night, minding my own business, as I always do, working feverishly on show prep for this program, became aware of a blog posting at ABC News. In fact, let me go over here and get this. ‘Limbaugh begins second phase of Operation Chaos,’ is the headline. I read this piece, and I forget the blogger at ABC who posted it, but it was panic filled. Well, not panic filled, but there was an element of fright in this, that I had initiated Phase II of Operation Chaos, centered around the Democrat Party platform and the way they’re going to write it this year. They’re going to have this big smoke and mirrors thing where in all 47 states they’re going to have a bunch of places where you, the average voter, can walk in there and sit down with actual, real elitist Democrat operatives and write the Democrat Party platform. That’s what they want you to think. I said, ‘Wow, what a golden opportunity for Operation Chaos troops to go in there and infiltrate this and try to get conservatism written into the Democrat Party platform.’

Well, later on, after the ABC News blog story hit, the Democrat National Committee says, ‘Come on in.’ They posted something on their own website from Michael Yaki, the party’s national platform director, and this is what he said: ‘We’d like to thank Rush Limbaugh for publicizing the ‘Listening to America’ events and extend an open invitation to him and his listeners to attend. The Democratic Party is not afraid to listen to the wide array of views the American people have on the issues they care about — that is what makes our nation strong. People across the country — of all political persuasions — are tired of business as usual in Washington and people like Limbaugh who are more concerned with scoring political points than changing the direction of our country.’ They still don’t get me. Changing the country is what I’m totally about, by diminishing liberalism, and Democrats. At any rate, ‘Unlike John McCain and the Republican Party, Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee are encouraging Americans across the country to get involved and make their voices heard. If Limbaugh’s dittoheads want to join other Americans, united in their belief that their voices should be heard in Washington, talking about their hopes, dreams, and concerns in their living rooms, community centers, and churches, and reporting back on these discussions to the Platform Drafting Committee, then they’re welcome to join one of the 655 events in 47 states organized in just 24 hours.’

So I don’t know what churches they’re going to meet in. It’s up to Operation Chaos troops to find out, 47 states, 655 events. My friends, do you see what’s happening here? No longer do we have to infiltrate. You have been invited. You can wear your uniform. You can wear your Operation Chaos gear. You can wear your Operation Chaos T-shirt and hat, and they are going to welcome you, it says here. Now, we all know the truth here. The truth was to be found in the ABC blog post last night. That headline might as well have said, ‘Uh-oh, oh, no.’ You know behind the scenes they know Operation Chaos Phase I was successful, and they’re sitting around and they’re basically saying, ‘Damn it, we weren’t thinking. Now we’re going to have Limbaugh’s people in here.’ So they go to the their website and make it sound like, ‘Come on in, we’d love to have you here,’ and so forth. Well, the invitation has been extended, ladies and gentlemen. You Operation Chaos troops now no longer have to operate in covert fashion. You will not be threatened with indictment or jail like you were during the elections. (laughing)

You know what will happen. I don’t want to maybe give them the idea, but if this really gets big, if there are enough Operation Chaos troops, if a number of you actually infiltrate, I imagine that they’ll have a plan to set up freedom cages and put you all in there while the rest of the citizens sit at whatever locations they sit and write what will never be read by the Democrat Party platform, but the bottom line is this is a giant smoke and mirrors thing. So you might be thinking, ‘Well, then, Rush, why should we do it?’ For the fun of it. To go into a Democrat Party meeting, which is supposedly going to write the platform, you know all these rank-and-file Democrat schlubs are going to go in there thinking they matter. They’re thinking Obama is going to read everything they care about. They’re going to be dead serious, and you go in there, you are of good cheer, you’re having a great time and every platform idea you have is tax cut this, tax cut that, let’s finally make it official, we need to overturn Roe vs. Wade and then watch the fireworks. Hell’s bells, folks.

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