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RUSH: This is Castrati Thursday.

(playing of Justice Brothers spoof)

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we turn to the Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley.

SNERDLEY: This is Bo Snerdley, Official Barack Criticizer for the EIB Network, black enough to criticize and with medically certified slave blood. I have a special announcement. Senator Obama, the recent threat from Reverend Jackson to surgically remove your testes presented you with a rare opportunity and sadly, sir, you let that opportunity slip by. Mr. Jackson stated his reasons for wanting your castration, sir. That was that you talk down to black people. What have you said exactly that inspired those comments? You’ve said that blacks, particularly black men, should take more responsibility for themselves and for their families. Unlike every other thing you say these days, Mr. Obama, that represents a fairly consistent point of view from you. You respond to this by sending a campaign spokesman out to accept reverend Jackson’s dubious apology? That’s that? This was your moment, sir, to claim the mantle of civil rights leadership from Jackson, who, by the way, has had his own family values problems awhile back. You let it go. Shame on you, sir, for not standing up to this civil rights bully and for not forcing him off of the national stage.

And now, a translation for our EIB brothers and sisters in the ‘hood. Yo, B, strap in, yo, this is going to take a minute. What up with you letting Jackson pose you like that, yo? Homey goes on Fox, says you’re dissing black people, talking down to the brothers, says he wants to cut off your baby makers, yo, and all you do is send some punk spokesman out to accept his apology? Yo, here’s the 411, yo. You could have stepped out on that OG Jesse. For those of you in the ‘hood out there in Rio, that OG, that’s old gangster. Okay, check it out, yo. Jesse’s yappy with you because you dissed him? Come on, yo, when you say brothers need to step up and give their families their props, the brother goes ill on you? Man, brother man, thought you were talking about him, right? That’s what’s really what’s up here. He thought you were telling him he need to step up with his baby mama, that girl who he got jiggy with back a few years ago, yo. He got her off the news quick, yo, didn’t he? Now Jesse wants to break you off downstairs ’cause you actually talking about black men stepping it up? What’s Jesse done anyway, yo? He gets paid by a bunch of scared Wall Street ice people, yo, any time he talks about a boycott? Yo, my brutha, this was your moment, man, you the HBIC, you the head brother in charge, and you let OG step off on you like that? What’s up with you, lo? You lost your mind, man, and yo baby makers. Then, you got the nerve to send out little Jesse to take out OG daddy Jesse? Come on, yo. Instead of handling your business yourself, man, you letting your flunkies run the show, man. You need to get a set, bro. That concludes our statement.

RUSH: And that is the Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley. But isn’t that the point, he needs to get a set, but if Reverend Jackson had his way there wouldn’t be a set to get, so it could well be that he hasn’t got a set to begin with, if the Official Obama Criticizer’s translation for EIB brothers and sisters in the ‘hood is to be believed — and I have no reason not to. We may have actually learned something here.


RUSH: I can’t keep a straight face here today. As you know, in order to stay abreast of what the Drive-Bys are doing, I suffer the punishment of having Drive-By cable networks on here on my two TV monitors. The Dittocam in fact sits right between them, and poor Martha MacCallum. Martha MacCallum at Fox is doing her roundtable discussion today — I think it’s two or three — there’s no men, is the point, no men in this roundtable talking about the Reverend Jackson’s comment regarding the genitalia of Barack Obama and I’m sitting here thinking, ‘Okay, here are these three babes, and they’re talking about Jesse Jackson and his desire to cut Obama’s nuts out,’ and I’m thinking finally they have impaneled some experts, people who have experience in what they’re talking about — (laughing) — sorry. Just sharing, ladies and gentlemen, the neurotic impulses that are flowing through the deep, dark crevices of my brain. (interruption)

Yes, Mr. Snerdley? We have not seen anything from Mrs. Clinton on this testicle comment from the Reverend Jackson, but I imagine she might feel her turf’s been invaded. I mean, that would be my reaction.

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