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RUSH: I have a question for you all of you pet owners out there. When you have fixed or neutered your pets, when you cut ’em out, was it a benevolent act? Greetings, my friends, and welcome to Castrati Thursday here on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network, Rush Limbaugh behind the Golden EIB Microphone. Telephone number if you want to be on the program is 800-282-2882. The e-mail address is ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Yes, Castrati Thursday today, ladies and gentlemen, here in honor of the Reverend Jackson, who has for most of his career, been the official media selected black leader, highly successful racial entrepreneur, minister to both Bill Clinton and a number of other people in need, particularly in Clinton’s case after the blue dress affair, Castrati Thursday. In case you’ve not heard, the Reverend Jackson was all over the news last night, not for what he said. We all heard about the open mike. The Reverend Jackson was caught on the open mike, and I was watching CNN, I’m watching all these places, and they are all talking about his apology, and they’re just talking on and on and on about his apologizing and they covered his apology statement at six o’clock Eastern time yesterday without saying what had happened. All they were doing was driving audience to the Fox News Channel, which had the tape and aired a portion of it last night. It must have been serious, because the Reverend Jackson in his statement evoked every race card, every black-is-victim talking point that he could remember, and every liberal pundit that I watched on DNCTV and over on CNN, circled the wagon to try to pull Jackson’s nuts out of the fire. And yet nobody had heard his macaca moment, nobody had heard his macaca statement. Finally at the stroke of eight p.m. on The O’Reilly Factor last night we learned that the Reverend Jackson had prescribed castration for the Democrat presidential nominee, The Messiah, Lord Barack Obama. Here is what the relevant portion of the tape has the Reverend Jackson saying.

JACKSON: See, Barack been talking down to black people on this faith-based. I wanna cut his (bleep) out. Barack, he’s talking down to black people.

RUSH: Were you able to hear that, Dawn? Were you able to make it out? It’s basically: See, Barack’s been talking down to black people on this faith-based stuff. I want to cut his nuts out. We bleeped the nuts, but I mean it’s a word. Barack, he’s talking down to black people. The Reverend Jackson did not know that his mike was hot. Are you just hearing about this for the first time, Dawn? You really are? She’s been staring at me like, ‘What the hell are you talking about?’ You’re just hearing about this? Oh. This is something. Now, what does all this mean? What does all this mean? Well, it means that The Messiah, Lord Obama, has yet another reverend problem, ladies and gentlemen. He can no more throw the Reverend Jackson under the bus than he can throw Reverend Wright under the bus. And the followers of the Reverend Jackson have to wonder, is a castrated Messiah more effective than an endowed Messiah? I can just see the debate on Hardball coming up, Chris Matthews asking his panel of experts if a high-pitched Obama would get the support of Hillary’s voters. Just what did the Reverend Jackson have in mind? Envy, or perhaps Mrs. Clinton’s testicle lockbox? We have a special edition, ladies and gentlemen, of the Justice Brothers arrived just before the program today.

(playing of Justice Brothers spoof)

It was amazing, all afternoon watching the Drive-By Media just wring its hands and talk about what a great guy Jesse Jackson was and to explain why this could have happened without ever telling anybody what had happened. Nobody knew about it, or what it was, until eight o’clock. I mean, Drudge had a blurb on it, but there was no official confirmation from anybody. I’ll tell you, Obama, the Lord Messiah Barack Obama had one hell of a day yesterday. He flip-flopped on FISA, and the lefties are going ballistic on this. He was caught saying we need to all learn Spanish so he won’t be embarrassed by us bitter clingers. He says he regrets putting his children out in front of the camera when they were shockingly charming. I mean, everybody that saw it thought the kids were cute. Germany yanked the welcome mat for his grand nonpresidential speech at the Berlin Wall and now he’s getting his nuts attacked by the Reverend Jackson, ladies and gentlemen. Yeah, he forgot to beg for money. He shows up at a speech to beg for money for Hillary, and forgot to do that. It’s like going out to endorse somebody, giving a 30-minute speech and forgetting to endorse them. So, he forgot to beg for money.

Now, stop and think. Do you know what else happened, the Reverend Jackson’s son, Jesse Jackson, Jr., threw his dad under the bus. He must know everything else that’s on this tape because he threw his dad under the bus. It didn’t take long, (paraphrasing) ‘I love my dad, but I’ve been supporting Obama.’ Now, stop and think of this. Jesse Jackson, Jr., throws his dad under the bus. Jesse Jackson, Jr., is supporting a guy who threw his grandmother under the bus. And then all of these — we don’t call ’em flip-flops on this program, as you know, ladies and gentlemen — these missteps of incompetence.


RUSH: By the way, once again I ask you this question: Where is the fierce racism and bigotry found in this campaign? It is found at the Rainbow Coalition, the Monochrome Coalition of the Reverend Jackson and throughout the Democrat Party.

RUSH: Now, the Drive-Bys, as you know, ladies and gentlemen, are in the tank for The Messiah, Lord Barack Obama. A Chicago Tribune story by John Kass today, the headline says it all: ‘Jackson’s Cutting Remark –‘ (laughing) — this is another thing, can you imagine if this were two women, let’s say it was Hillary and Pelosi, and let’s say that Pelosi said of Hillary, ‘I just — I want to — I want to –‘ see, I can’t say it. I can’t say it, but you can have Jesse Jackson, everybody else running around, ‘I want to cut his nuts off –‘ we’re all laughing ourselves silly here. You can laugh at this kind of thing happening to men, but you try a similar anatomical thing with women, and you don’t even dare say it. So anyway, I don’t know if this headline is a double entendre or not. ‘Jackson’s Cutting Remark May be Helpful to Obama,’ and the thrust of the story — how could this help Obama? How in the world could the Reverend Jackson and his comment help Obama? Well, in the perverted eyes of many in the Drive-By Media, we white racists so hate the Reverend Jackson that if the Reverend Jackson speaks badly of Obama for Obama’s alleged slights against black people, then we will like Obama. That is how pathetic the libs and the Drive-Bys are when it comes to understanding people. The racism and the bigotry once again on full display in the Democrat Party. I mean, you talk about convoluting, to suggest this is going to help Obama with white voters, ’cause white voters so hate Jesse Jackson that anybody Jesse Jackson hates gotta be a good guy?

In all candor, ladies and gentlemen, humor aside, this Reverend Jackson ordeal is not being made the big deal it should be. Who is this guy? Jesse Jackson is one of the icons of the Democrat Party. He has always been treated as such. Jesse Jackson has received millions of dollars, a place of position and importance within the Democrat Party. He’s been championed as an actual candidate and a legitimate elder statesman of the liberal left Democrats. Yet what is his reality? The Democrat Party is steeped in racism, it’s steeped in sexism and contradictions and divisiveness. And notice none of the usual Democrat Party leaders in the Senate or the House at the Democrat National Committee, et cetera, et cetera, have denounced the Reverend Jackson. I mean, their presidential nominee, the Lord Messiah Barack Obama — by the way, you need to see this video of the Reverend Jackson. I was stunned. Dawn came in here today, when I pronounced today New Castrati Thursday, she had a blank stare on her face. She had not heard about this. It must have been a night with the kids last night. But if you watched this, you ought to see what the Reverend Jackson does when he verbalizes his desire to cut out — there’s some debate over what he said, cut out or cut off — the Lord Messiah Barack Obama’s nuts.

He gives it one of these below-the-belt gooses with his right hand, and his face sort of contorts. I mean, he’s mad, he is really mad about all this faith-based stuff. He’s mad at Obama preaching responsibility to black men. See, it’s different when a presidential candidate does this who’s Democrat and who’s black than when Bill Cosby does it. Reverend Jackson said he’s talking down to black people. The Reverend Jackson has gotta feel threatened by something here. In fact, I think that the Reverend Jackson has been threatened by the candidacy of Obama from the get-go because this that’s happening to the Messiah Lord Barack Obama is essentially Jackson’s. This was his, just like the presidency was Hillary’s, he was the first serious black presidential candidate before old Joe Biden came out and said of Obama, (paraphrasing) ‘It’s about time we had somebody who’s clean and articulate here,’ more racism and bigotry again from the Democrat Party. So none of the Democrat Party leaders in the House or the Senate have come out and talked about this. When the Reverend Jackson has taken a huge shot at their Democrat presidential nominee, they circle the wagons as always.

Now, on our side, for example, we have the self-appointed new conservative methaners always looking for opportunities to advance themselves at the expense of the movement and the party, they would be first to pounce if one of our guys had done this. We don’t circle the wagons. We simply pounce on somebody that allows the rest of us to elevate their self-esteem in the eyes of the left. We always say we need to get rid of these kinds of miscreants. The Democrats have circled the wagon around the Reverend Jackson.


RUSH: Let’s go to Jeannie in Gary, Indiana. Is that where you are?

CALLER: Yep. That’s where I’m at.

RUSH: And you’re in a truck?

CALLER: Yes, I’m a truck driver.

RUSH: Terrific. Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Oh, it’s a pleasure to speak to you, too, today.

RUSH: Well, what’s up?

CALLER: Well, my point was, I listened to Jackson’s apology on the radio yesterday, and —

RUSH: Which part of it? It went on for like 25 minutes. And he never once —


RUSH: — said what he was apologizing for and neither did the networks covering the press conference say what he was apologizing for.

CALLER: Well, not only that, in what he was saying, he spoke about how he supported Barack’s positions, he supported his policies, he supported his campaign, but he never once said he supported Barack Obama, just his policies and his positions. I don’t think he really does.

RUSH: I never have thought so. The Reverend Jackson was for Hillary.

CALLER: That’s what I thought, too.

RUSH: Oh, that’s right. I’m sorry, it was the Reverend Jackson’s wife who was for Hillary. That’s why the Reverend Jackson was silent about Obama. Look, I know human nature. And I know liberals like every square inch of my glorious naked body, and I’m telling you, when the Democrat Party has built up Jesse Jackson to be as big as he is, he serves at their pleasure. They gave him a seat at the table of power, they have let him go off and shut down companies or blackmail them in order to earn money and so forth. He’s got this huge ego, and the media treats him like he’s God, and all of a sudden there’s not just a God out there, there is a Lord, there is a messiah, and the Reverend Jackson is but a mere God, and, you know, messiah trumps the God and the Lord. And there’s no question that this is just eating him alive. All of these puff pieces, wonderful coverage, all of the, ‘We love Obama,’ all the people fainting and drawing 75,000 people supposedly to his speech, has got to be eating him up.

CALLER: Oh, yeah, there’s no doubt, he’s got to be jealous.

RUSH: It’s worse than that, grab cut seven. Here’s a little bit of the apology. See what you think here, folks.

JACKSON: I have great passion for this campaign and traveled across the country, the length and breadth of our nation on radio and TV, in churches and schools, arguing the case for the campaign. And I want to remain a part of the supportive element of it. And yet in this thing I’ve said in a hot-mike statement that’s interpreted as distraction, I offer apology for that because I don’t want harm nor hurt to come to this campaign.

RUSH: She’s got a point. He didn’t talk about harm or hurt not coming to Obama, because he knew that he had said he wanted to cut off Obama’s nuts, which is harmful to Obama.

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