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RUSH: Thomas in Huron, Ohio, you’re on the EIB Network. Your big showbiz break. Make it count.

CALLER: Okay. This is Thomas. Thank you very much for taking my call, Mr. Limbaugh.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: Can you hear me?

RUSH: Yeah. Yes.

CALLER: So much silence there. I know where the next flip-flop, or, as you call it, huge error in judgment is going to occur with Mr. Obama, and that is that somebody, let’s say some group like let’s say a labor union is going to whisper into Mr. Obama’s ear, ‘Hey, Mr. Obama, you know that if you drill domestically, that you will create hundreds of thousands of good-paying US jobs.’

RUSH: Yeah, that’s even before a drop is discovered.

CALLER: That’s right. You know, the ten years prior to, a supposed ten years, to fruition —

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: — have all these jobs out here, and I’ll tell you how he’s going to do it. He’s going to all of a sudden have an epiphany around August, okay, and he is going to say, ‘You know, I think that the economy is in such bad shape that we have to consider domestic drilling, but with an environmentally sensitive–‘

RUSH: I’m not agreeing with you on this, but the one thing that he’ll say, ‘We need to drill smarter,’ just like the Democrats say, ‘We need to conduct the foreign policy smarter. We need to be smarter about it,’ so we need to drill for oil smarter. But I have a tough time thinking he’s gonna do it. They’re so dug in on this.

CALLER: You think so? I hope they’re dug in, I really do, I hope they stay dug in on it.

RUSH: The Democrat Party is so dug in on this. They’ve got so many constituents. Look at who’s running this no drill oil, the environmentalist wackos who are running the man-made global warming hoax, which owns the Democrat Party, for crying out loud. If they cave on that, I don’t care how they cave on it, if Obama starts moderating or shall we say recalibrating his position on drilling, I mean, just in the sense of the real world, it would be a great thing.

CALLER: Oh, yeah, it would be, because you know, you’re talking about billion dollars a day that we’re sending out overseas that could be on shore paying state and federal taxes, you know, not only through wages, but also through taxation.

RUSH: Okay, let me ask you a question, Thomas.


RUSH: Obama is out there, The Messiah — and, by the way, I need to also correct one other thing. Messiahs do not move laterally, they do not move to the center. Messiahs move to the higher ground.

CALLER: Oh, yeah.

RUSH: At any rate, Obama The Messiah has made it clear, I mean this is in the Nexis database, if we start drilling today, that’s not going to produce any gasoline tomorrow. He’s made it plain that this is not the solution. He’s got all other kinds of solutions all based on conservation and all based on alternatives, which also won’t be here tomorrow.

CALLER: They’re actually creating phantoms.

RUSH: Yeah, exactly right, they are phantoms. And so the whole notion of him — I mean, I’d like to hear how he recalibrates this.

CALLER: Well, I’m just saying, you know, 60% of the voting population right now believes that we should drill domestically, and the Democrat Party — no, Democratic parliamentary — has taken the iron plate or boilerplate approach to it that they’re not going to give in on it. You know, and I just can’t see, you know, I’m starting to see article after article after article in all the media, even the mainstream media, that this is going to have to happen, you know.

RUSH: Look it, I would love to see it if for no other reason than the guillotine that would be the New York Times editorial the next day.


RUSH: And then the superdelegates would get in gear and, by the way, how do you think the Clintons feel all of a sudden? Here’s Obama abandoning everything from his primary. He’s using the Hillary campaign. He’s taken over the Hillary campaign, and the Clintons are out there, they have to be fuming, and some of these superdelegates are going, ‘What? What?’ If he does this, I know that he refined — no pun intended — he refined his position on Iraq, I mean he had made it plain he was going to gut out of there immediately. That was part of his primary campaign. Now he’s refined that view. But then he’s gone back and said, ‘I don’t understand. Why do people focus on every little word I say? All I said was I’m going to consult with the generals. All I said was I’m going to get the story of the troops on the ground, situation on the ground.’ But this would be bigger than that. This drilling thing, I don’t think people understand just how dug in the Democrat Party is. Look, the Democrats were never going to lose in Iraq. I don’t care what kind of refinement Obama has made, I predicted over a year ago that before the presidential campaign was over, that he would make it plain that he’s not getting out of Iraq. They’re not going to saddle themselves with defeat. This move was predictable. But I don’t see ’em changing their mind on drilling.

They own the alternative fuel industry, they think. And it’s all about the money. They hate Big Oil. All of a sudden now they’re going to turn over to the dreaded and hated Big Oil? They hate pollution. It’s a footprint that creates global warming. Here’s what he could do. Here’s what he could do. I got it. I got it. McCain is out there saying that he’ll drill everywhere but ANWR, because ANWR is pristine. Now, someone needs to take Senator McCain up there and show him that it just looks like Mars or the moon, with an atmosphere. Nothing pristine about it, there’s nothing to preserve. (interruption) What? Oh, yeah. Take McCain? Take McCain up there? The staff is saying, ‘You can take him.’ Somebody in his campaign needs to take him. But anyway, he’s for drilling off the continental shelf and so forth, but he’s against ANWR. So Obama could maintain his opposition to drilling offshore because McCain’s got that handled, and then Obama could come out for drilling in ANWR and refine his position just a little, saying that he’s now realized that ANWR would be improved with oil gushing out of it, the jobs that would be created. Folks, if this happens — and anything is possible in a presidential campaign — but if old Thomas here is right and if Obama does a 180 on drilling oil, if the Democrats do that, well, it would be dangerous because half the country or 30% of the voters in the country are going to fall for it. It will just make our job here even more challenging.

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