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RUSH: Global Warming Stack today, folks, try this. This is ABC: ‘Plasma and LCDs Blamed for Accelerating Global Warming.’ Why do these people have any credibility left whatsoever? I just shared with you the story of the gigantic, wasteful carbon footprint that the Democrats are going to make putting on their convention in Denver, all of these fires in California, a carbon footprint that dwarfs whatever automobiles out there are emitting — and now plasma and LCD televisions are going to accelerate global warming? ‘A gas used in the making of flat screen televisions, nitrogen trifluoride (NF3), is being blamed for damaging the atmosphere and accelerating global warming. Almost half of the televisions sold around the globe so far this year have been plasma or LCD TVs. But this boom could be coming at a huge environmental cost. The gas, widely used in the manufacture of flat screen TVs, is estimated to be 17,000 times as powerful as carbon dioxide. Ironically, NF3 is not covered by the Kyoto Protocol, as it was only produced in tiny amounts when the treaty was signed in 1997.’ ABC News. It is just ridiculous.

I also saw this. This is from the UK Daily Mail. We will link to this at RushLimbaugh.com. It was posted on their website on July 3rd. ‘An architect has come up with an innovative answer to rising sea levels: a city that floats around the world. The self-contained lily pad city will be home to around 50,000 climate refugees from the worst-hit areas, including London. The latest research predicts that sea levels could rise by nearly three feet by the year 2100, putting many islands in the Pacific Ocean in danger. The lily pad cities would be powered by renewable energy sources. This dramatic rise of close to one meter would threaten huge areas of low-lying coastal land as well as major cities such as London, New York, and Tokyo.’ They have two different artists’ renderings here of these lily pad cities. Now, they look pretty cool, but this is an absolute joke. Climate refugees? ‘People that live near current shorelines would have to move to these islands, which would not be anchored, they would float around the world wherever the ocean’s currents take them with renewable energy powering them.’ It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, obviously. And they’re huge in the artists’ rendering.

The thing is they’re already doing this in Dubai. They’re building islands, but they’re putting homes on the islands. But these are floating lily pad cities to house climate change refugees. (interruption) Can you do what? You can’t get out of paying taxes on one of these. I imagine the tax rate to get on one of these things, the admission price, is going to be steep alone. This is only going to be the elites. Do you think they care about people getting wiped out near the shoreline? This is the elites. No homeless people on this. Wait ’til you see it. It’s hard to describe. It’s just ridiculous. No, I’m not going to buy one. They’re never, ever going to be needed, is the point. This is an absolute joke. They’re never going to be needed. We’ve got a bunch of literally insane people working on a hoax of a problem that is never gonna materialize; getting people all worked up; coming up with some of the dumbest, stupidest ideas. Now, if they wanted to do this as a lifestyle option, you can live on your own island which is essentially a cruise ship that floats around the globe, but I don’t know where it’s going because it’s totally dependent on where the currents take it. You can end up in Antarctica with this thing, if there still is one.

Here’s a story from the UK Daily Mail. The headline is it all: ‘Research: Wind Power Pricier, Emits More CO2 Than Thought.’ It’s an interesting look here at the overall effects of the use of wind power, but the bottom line, I’ve read the story so you don’t have to. The bottom line is because of the variability of wind, the gas turbines used to supplement a wind plan will result in an overall net increase in CO2 emissions than if the power grid was planned as solely relying on gas turbines with no wind power contribution. In other words, wind is variable, meaning some days there isn’t going to be any, some days there’s not going to be enough even though there’s a little bit, some days it’s not going to come from the right direction, and so on. The days where wind is powering all the stuff that you need electricity and other things for, when the wind’s not there, they have standby gas turbines, and the gas turbines are going to make more pollution than if they just relied on gas turbines permanently. It’s just like this whole ethanol thing, just like this whole mess with food prices, everything the left touches, every idea they have just blows up, all the so-called unintended consequences. But they never get credit for the failures. All they say is examine our intentions because our intentions are of big hearts. We’re good people. We’re only trying to help. So we’re never supposed to examine the results, the failures of their policies.


RUSH: Here’s Tom in Philadelphia. Tom, it’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah. I want to congratulate you on your new contract.

RUSH: Well, thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: Right. Uh, you have — You have, er, accomplished a great feat. I have to hand it to you. You have turned baloney into $400 million!

RUSH: (bursts out laughing) Don’t get caught up in that figure, Tom. It’ll make you sick.

CALLER: (laughing) Listen, you are now America’s highest-paid baloney merchant!

RUSH: Highest-paid baloney merchant.

CALLER: Right. You ought to be proud of that, Rush.

RUSH: I’m proud of so much.

CALLER: Not too many people could do something like that.

RUSH: Tom, let me tell you I’m so proud of my achievements that you couldn’t understand.

CALLER: Yeah, but, you’re… I mean, ain’t too many people could do something like that.

RUSH: Well, that’s true.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: That’s absolutely right.

CALLER: You’re a great purveyor of baloney, my — I gotta hand it to you.

RUSH: Tell me, what’s the baloney that I purvey, Tom?

CALLER: Uh, you name it. (snickers)

RUSH: No, no. You name it —

CALLER: You name it.

RUSH: — because you’re the one that claims I’m peddling baloney.

CALLER: Well, as far as global warming goes. I mean —

RUSH: Global warming? It’s a hoax. It’s a hoax, Tom.

CALLER: What are your credentials for global warming?

RUSH: You are smarter than that. What are my credentials?

CALLER: Yeah, to talk about global warming.

RUSH: Well, who has to have credentials?

CALLER: Why, because —

RUSH: That’s a very elitist attitude.

CALLER: If you have a pain in the throat, what, do you go to a shoemaker or you go to a doctor?

RUSH: Wait a second. (laughing) Tom, now, you’re smarter than this. Don’t make any decision to spend some time on you, show bad judgment on my part. All right? I mean, step up here. Credentials?

CALLER: Credentials.

RUSH: I have an —

CALLER: Do you have a —

RUSH: I have an official science climate advisor [Dr. Roy Spencer] who is a scientist, and he —

CALLER: Oh yeah? What’s his name?

RUSH: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. Now, Tom, I also have my own mind and I can read and I can think and I can spot baloney, and the baloney is in the global warming hoax. It is worse than baloney, Tom. It is excrement.

CALLER: It’s not excrement.

RUSH: No, no. Tom, there is no manmade global warming, and they can’t prove it at all. They cannot prove it, Tom. You’re sitting around and you’re buying into the growth of government —

CALLER: Well, wait a minute. Let me ask you a question. Wait a minute.

RUSH: — and tax increases.

CALLER: Let me ask you something.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: You keep pouring the greenhouse gas in the air, billions of tons every year —

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: — day after day —

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: — month after month —

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: — and you say has no effect on the atmosphere?

RUSH: Damn right it has no effect on the atmosphere.


RUSH: It doesn’t. Look, the amount of CO2 and other pollutants from nature, from a volcano, from these fires. We can’t compete with that, Tom. Do you know how many…?

CALLER: They don’t do it every day. The volcano doesn’t explode every day.

RUSH: But when it does, it cools the earth for years, Tom, because the soot flies all around the planet. Mt. Pinatubo? Let me ask you a question.

CALLER: But this goes on every day, every hour of the day, every month.

RUSH: Tom? Tom? You’re missing my point. You’re missing my point. The global warming hoax makes us —

CALLER: You don’t know it’s a hoax.

RUSH: — the inhabitants of this planet, to be the greatest threats to it.

CALLER: There’s plenty of scientists say this.

RUSH: There are plenty of scientists on the financial take, Tom. You want to talk about credentials? There are plenty of scientists on the financial take, and if they don’t spread this hoax, they don’t have any money.

CALLER: Oh, it’s a financial thing, eh?

RUSH: They can’t earn money on their own like I do, Tom.

CALLER: What about the scientists that…?

RUSH: They have to rely on a bunch of people giving it to them.

CALLER: Wait a minute. What about the expert that you depend on. Is he on the take?

RUSH: There are no experts! There is no science. There are too many people that disagree, here. You’ve got as many scientists that agree as disagree.

CALLER: I think it’s quite logical to assume that if you keep throwing that stuff into the air, that it’s going to cause problems.

RUSH: There is no consensus, Tom, because science cannot have a consensus. Tom, let me ask you one question. Let me ask you one question.


RUSH: Since you’re not going to listen to me — you don’t want to listen to logic, you don’t want to listen to reason — all you want to do is insult. Tell me this. With all the CO2, how many parts per million, molecule parts per million out of 100,000 in the atmosphere are CO2?

CALLER: I have no idea.

RUSH: Thirty-two.

CALLER: Well, thirty-two.

RUSH: Thirty-two.

CALLER: All I know is you keep throwing that crap in the air, and sooner or later, something’s gonna happen. That’s what I say.

RUSH: Well, it’s not crap.

CALLER: It’s common sense.

RUSH: What it is, is common sense, logic.

CALLER: Remember the case in Donora? Remember the case in Donora, Pennsylvania many years ago? All this stuff, all this pollution was in the air and all these people died? Hah? You remember that?



RUSH: We’re not talking about pollution that kills people. I’m not denying any of that occurs. I’m not denying that we pollute. I’m not denying that.


RUSH: What I’m denying, Tom, is that we’re destroying the planet and warming it up. We don’t have the power to do that, Tom.

CALLER: How long have we been doing this?

RUSH: Tom…

CALLER: For a hundred years, 200 years at the most, 150 years.

RUSH: Doing what?

CALLER: Throwing all this stuff up in the air.

RUSH: When it’s been far warmer in the past before we started doing all this, on this planet!

CALLER: You know, another thing you say. When it’s cold, you say, ‘Heeey, that shows you it’s a hoax,’ but you never say nutin’ when it’s 100 degrees outside.

RUSH: Thank you. To the woman who called and said, ‘You need to get on TV and do 30-second spots to reach the people that don’t listen to you,’ this is who you want to reach? These blockheads who have… I mean, we don’t even have a rudimentary second grade understanding of things from this guy from Philadelphia. It is impossible. This guy is not to be brought into the fold. He is to be defeated. And people like him. This is what we don’t understand. I gave it my best shot, but he wasn’t even interested. All he wanted to do was insult me. Baloney this, baloney that. My credentials? Don’t have any credentials! See, that’s an elitist attitude. I can’t have any credentials on this because I’m not a global warming scientist. So this is what we’re up against. By the way, I will guarantee you, coming from Philadelphia, this guy’s a rock-ribbed, lifelong Democrat. And all global warming is to him is a partisan political issue, and he wants to believe the notion that other people are killing other people and destroying the planet and destroying America and so forth. I mean, who are his credentialed leaders? Algore? (laughing)

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