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RUSH: This is the Denver Post. The New York Times has a story as well. The Pepsi Center is getting a makeover for Democrat National Committee. Folks, wait ’til you hear this. ‘The Pepsi Center hands over the keys to construction teams for the Democratic National Convention Committee at 8 a.m. Monday, and the on-the-ground, multimillion-dollar race to transform the arena into a convention hall by Aug. 25 begins. Standing inside the Pepsi Center not long after Denver won the bid, the facility’s general manager, Dave Jolette, waved his hand at the vast space in something like awe, or maybe fear. ‘The transformation,’ he said, ‘will be enormous.’ For the past two weeks, Jolette has been overseeing a wholesale clearance of equipment and furnishings from the building’s retail stores, all its storage areas, the locker rooms for the Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche. ‘There are weights up there that are bigger than you or I,’ Jolette said.’

I mean, they’re cleaning out all of the luxury suites because that’s where the TV wise men’s booths will be. So they’re taking down ceilings, they’re putting up walls. They’re ripping this whole building apart. ‘It’s details like this that mesmerize him: The Pepsi Center is outfitted with 576 miles of phone lines, computer lines and high-speed cable. But that’s not enough. The DNCC’s needs, due in part to security, create a system ‘so massive it exceeds the Pepsi Center’s.’ So the DNCC contractors will overlay all those cables with their own. Qwest has donated several million dollars’ worth of telecommunications equipment to outfit the convention hall and the media city that will go up outside it with approximately 3,000 data lines and 2,500 voice-grade circuits. Based on past conventions, Qwest estimates the project will require about 160 miles of copper and coaxial cable in and around the Pepsi Center, and more than a dozen miles of fiber-optic. Xcel Energy is donating the extra transformers needed to electrify the thousands of computers, cameras, microphones. Several other high-tech firms are donating goods and services. Many of the 95 suites will be stripped of their furnishings,’ and restocked and furnished for the wise men on TV. Now, the Pepsi Center has its own lighting. Are you thinking carbon footprint here? Good. Good. (interruption) Well, Qwest, yeah, they donate to the Republicans, too. It goes back and forth. Snerdley, don’t tell me you’re shocked that corporate entities would pay protection racket money to either party.

Anyway, ‘And though the Pepsi Center has its own lighting — good enough for professional sports and top-name entertainment acts — the Democrats will bring in their own. They will bring so many lights and speakers — as many as 300,000 pounds’ worth — the ceiling will have to be reinforced to hold them. ‘It’s kind of like a house party at your house that you’re not hosting,’ Jolette said. … Leasing the Pepsi Center for the seven weeks of construction, the week of the convention and the remaining two weeks of reconstruction, means $6.5 million for Kroenke.’ Kroenke Arena Company owns the arena. Kroenke, by the way, is a Republican and he’s in the Wal-Mart family, so the Democrats are paying Wal-Mart. I’m not kidding you. Kroenke’s owner is Stan Kroenke, and he’s allowed exclusive access to one of the skyboxes for his own use even though he’s a staunch Republican. He’s married to Sam Walton’s brother’s daughter, and they live, I think, in Columbia, Missouri. Mega bucks. So the Democrats are paying this guy $6.5 million for all of this stuff. Now, here’s the point. What is the carbon footprint of this?

This is the party that’s telling us to change our lightbulbs. This is the party telling us to turn off our lights and to raise or lower our thermostats. This is the party that wants to take us back to the Stone Age. But you see the hypocrisy: For their own event, they’re bringing in so much junk, it might have been more efficient just to build their own arena rather than go in there and tear this one apart, then have to rebuild it after they leave for the upcoming basketball and hockey season. And all that copper? How much energy to mine all that copper? How about transporting all this stuff? You can’t put this stuff on Obama’s little airplane. I guarantee you none of this stuff would fit on his airplane. You gotta take this over the road, with diesel prices what they are now. All this wasted fuel for transportation. Anyway, that’s the Democrats, and that’s their big time convention. The Times story is about delays and rising costs for the convention, raising worries for Democrats. This story was so bad that Howard Dean actually put out a press release reacting to it.

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