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RUSH: Another audio sound bite here before we go to the break, just a little funny one. This is from C-SPAN2’s In Depth. It was yesterday, host Pedro Echevarria interviewing political essayist Katha Pollitt. He asked her, ‘Do you think feminism is more accepted today than it was in the past?’

POLLITT: The word ‘feminism’ has been I think successfully demonized by the media. So that, for example, the word ‘feminazi’ — which was, I believe, a coinage of Rush Limbaugh; that distinguished sociologist and political theorist.

RUSH: Thank you.

POLLITT: I remember the first time I heard that word, I could not believe it. And yet that has become a standard of verbal, you know, locution that you hear all the time, used like it’s a word. So I think the word… Many people are very afraid of the word.

RUSH: It’s an accurate word. The reason it’s become a word — and it has become a word; it’s in the dictionary now — is because it’s accurate, and I am a ‘noted sociologist and political theorist.’ I thank her for pointing that out.

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