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RUSH: The thing about Obama that bothers me the most, including his incompetence and inexperience that he has, he’s like all liberals, he has a condescending attitude toward the people of the country, people are genuinely stupid and susceptible to a cynical campaign like his, thinks they’re going to buy everything he says because he’s The Messiah. He uses a variety of strategeries. He tears down the country to justify his change message, and then claims his change message is new, when we know it’s nothing but more and bigger government. He brings up race when he thinks it will help him, he denounces the use of race when he thinks it will help him. He talks center, he talks to the right so he can claim multiple positions on certain tough issues, and the purpose of that is to never allow himself to be tied down or pinned down on any one position. That’s what you get when you have a fabricated candidate. He is a prefab candidate. I’m telling you, somebody has designed this candidacy. They have plugged him into it ’cause they thought he fit the mold in a lot of ways and so we’ve got a prefab candidacy and a prefab campaign. Mark my words. And we do with most liberals. The last thing we get from these people, when it comes down to the crunch time and winning an election, the last thing we get is genuine. We get genuine during their primaries; that’s when we find out who they really are. But then they have to close that book ’cause they know they can’t win.

Jesse Helms died on the Fourth of July, the very day that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson passed away. And of course with the media, like here’s the AP: ‘Jesse Helms, Polarizer, Not a Compromiser.’ Jesse Helms, a polarizer, not a compromiser. Was Ted Kennedy a polarizer? Ted Kennedy doesn’t compromise. Chuck Schumer doesn’t compromise. And of course in every story about Jesse Helms, ‘whether you agreed with him or not,’ it says, whether you agreed with him or not, Jesse Helms was XYZ. So Jesse Helms died on July the 4th, the same day as John Adams, whether you agreed with him or not, the same day as Thomas Jefferson, whether you agreed with him or not. But Jesse Helms, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, these three Americans had something more in common than the date that they left us. And that is, they believed in things. They said what they believed, and then they stood for what they believed. None of this moving-to-the-center stuff. None of this nuance stuff. None of this ‘on the other hand,’ or ‘but.’

How did we, the United States of America, get from the likes of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington — I’ll throw Jesse Helms in there — to the likes of John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, the haughty John Kerry, how in the world do we get from Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington, Adams, Helms, Reagan, to John Kerry, to Chuck Schumer, to Dick Durbin? For what it’s worth, no matter what you think of Ted Kennedy, you know what he thinks. I don’t know what your attitude about Ted Kennedy is, but Ted Kennedy’s in that gang that doesn’t change their minds and doesn’t waffle. You know full well, if you are nominated to the Supreme Court by a Republican, you know full well that Ted Kennedy’s coming at you with both barrels. But of course Ted Kennedy is a great compromiser. They’re already writing about it, one of the greatest compromisers, liberal line. Jesse Helms, a polarizer. Don’t take it personally, folks. That’s what they think about all conservatives. The conservatives are polarizing. That’s why they love McCain, the maverick, because he was compromising, and he was selling out his own side in the process, back when he was a senator, of course.

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