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RUSH: Now the Drive-Bys are making up news as they go along. That’s what a poll is for, to help ’em make up news, and I have two examples here. ‘People would rather barbecue burgers with Barack Obama than with John McCain.’ That’s right. In a new poll, ‘Obama Beats McCain as a Barbecue Guest — While many are still…’ and these people in the Drive-By Media wonder what in the world is happening to their audience and where are they going. This is mindless pap. This is not news. It is speculation. It is irrelevant! Who cares? ‘While many are still deciding who should be president, by 52 percent to 45 percent they would prefer having Obama than McCain to their summer cookout, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll released Wednesday.

‘Men are about evenly divided between the two while women prefer Obama by 11 percentage points. Whites prefer McCain, minorities [would prefer to chow down with] Obama. And Obama is a more popular guest with younger voters while McCain does best with the oldest.’ Yip yip yip yip yahoo! Get this quote: ‘Having Obama to a barbecue would be like a relaxed family gathering, while inviting McCain ‘would be more like a retirement party than something fun,’ said Wesley Welbourne, 38, a systems engineer from Washington, DC,’ and this next poll, this next story, leads me to conclude, ladies and gentlemen, that we can expect a lot of hit pieces on Cindy McCain very soon. This is another AP story, this one by Alan Fram. ‘The public hasn’t taken to Michelle Obama yet, especially whites.

‘And it’s got a question about Cindy McCain: Who is she? People are divided over whether they like the wife of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, with 30 percent seeing her favorably and 35 percent unfavorably, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll released [yesterday].’ So let me summarize this for you. Basically, people are divided over whether they like the wife of Obama or whether they like the wife of McCain. ‘They tilt positively toward the spouse of Republican hopeful John McCain, by 27 percent to 17 percent. In other words: While the two women are about equally liked, Michelle Obama is twice as disliked as Cindy McCain.’ If you read this whole piece, Cindy is a mystery, and so expect some hit pieces here, because this is why the Drive-Bys do these polls. They go out and they find out who is popular. If the Republican spouse, the Republican candidate is more popular than the Democrat candidate, then it’s time to rev up the smear machine.

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