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RUSH: We turn now, ladies and gentlemen, to the Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley. Mr. Snerdley.

SNERDLEY: This is Bo Snerdley, the Official Barack Criticizer for the EIB Network — medically certified with highly concentrated levels of slave blood, certified to criticize — and I have a statement. Mr. Obama, since your rise on the political stage, you and your handlers have crafted an image that depicts you as a unique politician, one that can bridge the divides of our nation with your exuberant charisma, your fresh face, and your unifying outlook. You, we were told, would transcend the old politics and usher in a new era. The blood sport political games of the Beltway would give way to a new politic where dreams come true and hope prevails. You would be that line, sir, in the sand from the old of bitter division, to the new America, with liberty and justice for all. ‘Yes, you can. Yes, we can.’ Instead, we’ve seen nothing new. Your policy offerings, vague as they are, reflect standard tax, spend, tax ’em more Democrat policies — and your brand of politics, sir, is a swarmy, cutthroat, and sleazy as any Democrat who has ever run. The attack by your minion, Wesley Clark, on the war record of John McCain is just the latest.

RUSH: You forgot to say ‘diabolical.’ I told you to say ‘diabolical’ in there. Call him diabolical.

SNERDLEY: And, sir, it is diabolical.

RUSH: No! ‘You are diabolical.’

SNERDLEY: (sigh) Oh, Rush. Mr. Obama, you, sir, are diabolical.

RUSH: Good. That’s better.

SNERDLEY: Thank you. You, sir, have sent your minion, Wesley Clark, out with a scorched-earth policy, to take no prisoners, not even a genuine war hero, a genuine prisoner of war. Sir, you lead an anti-war party that hates American victory in our present war and still shows no respect for our soldiers of past wars. You don’t represent change. You don’t represent hope. You’re not new. Sir, you are just another liberal Democrat. And now, a translation for our EIB brothers and sisters in the ‘hood. ”Rack! Dig this, bro. You know up ’til now we’ve been kind of laying in the cut on you, you know, letting a whole lot of stuff go, but check this out. Yo, you are tripping on what. Come on, money. You gonna send out that old fool, Wesley Clark, to slice and dice McCain? McCain was fighting in Nam, yo homey. What were you doing? You were out chilling with the shorties, playing ball, you know, smoking a little herb. John was in prison camp, yo, being Abu Ghraibed by the Vietcong, man. And now you send out the ain’t-never-won-nothing, wannabe president whack-ass general to diss him? What’s up with that, man? This is ill! You ain’t representing, yo. You could talk all that patriotic stuff you want to, yo, but man you diss guys have been there, man, that did the fight? This is the kind of thing the Clintons used to run, man. What’s up with chu? Clinton was supposed to be the first black president. What are you trying to be, man, the first black Clinton? What’s up with that? Word, man. You need to let it up, man. Call your dogs back in and refresh up, yo, because this is not how you win the game. If those punk ass Republicans had any kind of juice, yo, they would fry you on this, you know what I’m saying? You, bro, are ill. This is whack!’ And that concludes our statement.

RUSH: That is Official Obama Criticizer Bo Snerdley.

(playing of Barack Obama Travel Stops parody)

RUSH: Thanks once again to the Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley, saying it as no one else can — literally and figuratively. Now back to the audio sound bites. I want to stick here for a moment with the fact that Wesley Clark will not back down while the Drive-Bys have given Obama the credit for having ‘rebuked’ him. No such thing has happened! Once again, just to keep in mind here: ‘Obama Fights Back Against Questions on Patriotism — Obama rejects Clark comment on McCain.’ He did not! He never even mentioned Clark’s name. This is how they work, ladies and gentlemen, as willing accomplices. The proverbial excrement hits the fan, the Drive-Bys know it; Obama comes out and makes a speech, says nothing, and the Drive-By headline is he ‘Rebukes Wesley Clark,’ when no such thing happened.

And, after that so-called ‘rebuke’ that never happened, Wesley Clark continues to harden his position. He said, ‘There are many important issues in this Presidential election, clearly one of the most important issues is national security and keeping the American people safe. In my opinion, protecting the American people is the most important duty of our next President. I have made comments in the past about John McCain’s service and I want to reiterate them in order be crystal clear. As I have said before, I honor John McCain’s service as a prisoner of war and a Vietnam Veteran. He was a hero [and] I would never dishonor the service of someone who chose to wear the uniform for our nation.’ But he doesn’t have enough experience in national security, because so much time was taken up as being a prisoner of war.’ Here’s David Axelrod on CNN this morning, cohost Kiran Chetry talking to Axelrod, who writes Obama’s speeches. ‘Do you agree with the point he made this morning: There’s a difference between military service, no matter how noble, and executive experience?’

AXELROD: Well, certainly I do. Look, I think General Clark didn’t mean to demean in any way the service of Senator McCain. The way it came out on Sunday was a bit unfortunate. I’m glad he’s clarified it.

RUSH: Twilight Zone! He didn’t ‘clarify’ anything. He reiterated it! Of course, these guys are trying to claim Obama has more experience. Say what you want about McCain, but to say that Obama has more experience, has more qualifications to serve as president of the United States than John McCain does is a joke, and they know it. They know he’s got no experience. We don’t know what he’s done for 20 years prior to being in the Senate other than waste around in the Illinois Senate with 130 no-votes and as a Chicago ‘community organizer.’ We know who his friends have been: friends that wanted to blow up America, friends that hate the country, people that bilk others out of real estate money. These are his friends. Everybody is still waiting to find out who the real Obama is. The Drive-Bys know this, and so they’re presenting a package of Obama that is beyond his capability, beyond his experience and beyond his ability, and in the process they are trying to destroy what is McCain’s singular characteristic, that of military service and heroism. These people are diabolical. Snerdley was right when I gave him the word.


RUSH: Another surrogate for the Obama campaign has piled on Senator McCain. ABC News is reporting that Rand Beers, trusted Obama advisor, ‘claimed yesterday that McCain’s national security experience is sadly limited by his time in Vietnam as a prisoner of war.’ Rand Beers was one of John Kerry’s — the haughty John Kerry (who, by the way, served in Vietnam) — premiere foreign policy advisors. So what do we have here? We have a candidate who claims to be a messiah. Well… Yeah, actually, he does. If you look at his own produced graphics, his own campaign is putting out pictures of the guy with a halo behind him in various kinds of heavenly light. I mean, they’re doing a bang-up job of creating this notion that this is a gift from Heaven, that there’s something truly unique and special about the guy.

But who are his hacks? Who are these advisors of his? They’re nothing but failed liberal hacks from previous administrations or campaigns. Wesley Clark? Give me a break! Wesley Clark is a standing joke in the US military. Wesley Clark is an absolute embarrassment to people. Wesley Clark, the number one endorser of his presidential campaign was the bloated filmmaker Michael Moore. And do you remember Peter Jennings was talking to Wesley Clark during one of the Democrat debates in 2004 during the primaries. And even Peter Jennings couldn’t believe that Wesley Clark would not distance himself from Moore, and he asked him about it. ‘Well, I — I — I appreciate Michael Moore. First Amendment! Michael Moore is a brilliant American, a great moviemaker.’ They were doing their best to get Michael outta there, and Michael Moore ends up sitting next to Jimmy Carter at the Democrat convention. It’s the same crowd.

It’s the same crowd, from the Kerry campaign all the way down to various Clinton administration people that are now serving Obama; which — folks, I’ve alluded to this before, and I’m gonna say it again. Somebody’s running Obama. It’s something natural that happens in politics. I’m not talking about some deep, dark conspiracy where there’s an Oz behind the curtain in some international capital who’s sending out marching orders. There is somebody — Soros, a money man, somebody — in the Democrat Party who has calculated, who did calculate that the Democrats need a candidate who is unassailable because the Democrats are so tied to the left, the fringe kook left — and the fringe kook left, liberalism wins never in national elections. When it is open and honest about what they believe and who they are, they lose. That’s another reason why Obama’s tacking to the center here in a deceptive way. So what do they do?

They come up with this guy after he makes this speech at a convention Boston in 2004, who sounds good, who sounds smooth. He’s got a very nice deep, bass voice. He looks harmless, and he doesn’t have much of a past, and they know he’s also black. They also know that because he’s black, he’s not going to be subjected to the usual criticism. In fact, because he’s black, he’s going to get less of it, because there will be a lot of panic and gutlessness among critics in the Republican Party and the media because nobody wants to be called a racist, and all you have to do is attack some Obama policy — or even attacking his preacher. His preacher comes out and says all these horrible, rotten things for 20 years in this church. Obama says, ‘Ah, that’s not the preacher I knew. I never heard those things for 20 years,’ and if you attack the preacher, you’re racist! It’s exactly how it was intended to go.

If you attack the preacher, you’re racist; and you’re engaging in the typical politics of the past, the politics of personal destruction. Somebody’s writing these speeches for Obama, that is David Axelrod, we know, and the reason I’m more and more convinced that somebody is behind this… Now, Obama may have harbored dreams of being president someday. Look, the same thing happened with Reagan. Now, don’t misunderstand me on this. Reagan had his kitchen cabinet. There were three guys in California who kept trying to talk Reagan into doing this, running for president. He didn’t want it; he was not interested in it. They kept after him. Interesting, with current campaign finance laws, that kitchen cabinet would be illegal today, so there are other ways around it. Somebody targeted Obama. Somebody says, ‘You’re the guy. You’re the guy that we’re going to have,’ and they also didn’t want Mrs. Clinton.

The Democrat Party, a bunch of them, wanted nothing more to do with the Clintons. So they had to do two things at once: They had to take the Clintons out. They were able to get, about a year ago or 14 months ago, all kinds of the most glittering, syrupy sweet puff pieces on Obama in the New York Times and the Washington Post. The stage was set. They arranged for people to faint at all of these speeches that he makes. It got to the point — who else had people fainting at speeches? Hillary even had it happen, or Clinton did, just to keep up. But the thing that convinces me that this is not what it appears to be is that the people running this campaign are not Obama. If Obama were what he claims to be — messianic, brand-new, hope, change — Mike, in fact, grab that favorite commercial of ours of all these people saying they’ve gotta vote for Obama because we need change and we need hope. Could you have that standing by? I’m gonna need it in mere moments. Thank you.

If Obama were this candidate of hope and change, if Obama were this candidate that was going to bring to the political sod a character and human being and personality that has never trod our political soil before — and that’s how they portrayed it. ‘This guy’s new; this guy’s different! There’s never been a guy like him.’ I was hearing this, and I thought, ‘It’s just BS. American politics is over 200 years old. It’s impossible to have somebody or some thing new. It’s just not possible. We’ve gone through every iteration of human debris and human greatness in politics it’s possible to go through.’ I don’t buy Drive-By Media hype. I don’t buy pop culture or celebrity worship or any of that stuff, and that’s exactly what we got with Obama. So here’s this new guy: messianic! He glows. He has angelic, heavenly light surrounding his head and his own artwork, and the artwork of others. He’s going to bring things to US politics and our country that have never before been seen or witnessed by a human eye!

And who do we get?

Wesley Clark? Rand Beers? Madeleine Albright? Jamie Gorelick? We get the same crowd that is always running the Democrat Party and Democrat administrations. The same bunch. The reason we’re getting this is because Obama doesn’t know. Folks, imagine you’ve been in the Senate for three years. Before that, you were in Chicago politics. You’re walking the streets doing ‘community outreach,’ whatever the hell that is. We think we know, like walking-around money. Showing ’em the direction of the homeless shelter or the soup kitchen’ or getting them to the polls at the right time, on the right day, to vote for you. ‘Community organizer.’ Making deals with Rezko. I know. All of these things. But you get to Washington, you spend two years in the Senate or three, and two of those years you’re running for president.

You’re in your early forties. All of a sudden, you’re supposed to know who you want for commerce secretary, who you want for secretary of state. He doesn’t know any of that. He can’t possibly know any of that! In fact, I’ve wondered about that in a lot of cases where people are elected president. They can’t possibly know all these people intimately well enough to be able to trust them in these positions. So somebody is behind the scenes who does understand the system, lifelong Democrats, lifelong Republicans. It happens in both parties, and so you figure gonna signal this person to be the commerce secretary, secretary of the treasury. Somebody’s running all this. Not that that’s bad, don’t misunderstand. It’s just another aspect of the deception. This guy’s not what he seems. He is deceptive. He is diabolical. He’s downright mean. What they are trying to do with McCain here — with genuine lightweights, like Wesley Clark and Rand Beers who could not wear John McCain’s jockstrap — is breathtaking to behold.

Wesley Clark is going to go out and be the figurehead, the leader in discrediting John McCain’s military service? This is, to me, an example of just how diabolical Obama is. He knows the press is gonna say that he rebuked Clark when he never does. So he gets away with his campaign being just as mean and diabolical as any other campaign’s ever been while he wears the halo, while the heavenly light shines its countenance on Obama, and Obama transfers the countenance of the heavenly light from the mountaintop to us plebes down here who are supposed to be happy when he tells us we’re not going to be able to eat as much as we want anymore, and we’re not going to be able to keep our thermostats where we want ’em anymore, and we’re not going to be able to drive SUVs anymore because the rest of the world is suffering because we’re doing that.

And this is supposed to be new. If there’s anything new about it, if there’s one thing new about it, it is that the Democrat Party has now officially nominated a candidate and is adopting positions which open and will honestly tell us our best days are behind us. We are a nation in constant decline. We deserve to be in decline. We deserve to have our standard of living lower. We deserve our gas prices and taxes higher because the rest of the world is upset at the way we live. They are openly telling us that we should not look to the future as Americans, as we always have, with the idea of American exceptionalism, growth, improvement, prosperity, a better life for our kids than we had for ourselves. Those days are over. That’s what’s new. And yet people are falling for it hook, line, and sinker as parodied in this brilliant Obama commercial.

(playing of Obama spoof)

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