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RUSH: Arnold Schwarzenegger, let’s see. This is Tom Brokaw from Meet the Press yesterday talking to Schwarzenegger. Question: ‘You endorsed McCain as the presidential candidate, saying he was a crusader who had the best interests of the environment in mind. Now he is in favor of offshore drilling and he wants to build 45 nuclear plants. Do you still stand by his record in that regard?’

SCHWARZENEGGER: I’m very proud of him. I’m 100 percent behind him. That we don’t agree on everything, that’s clear; nor do I with my wife. I mean, it doesn’t mean that we should split. It just means that we don’t agree on certain things. I don’t think that you will find that everyone agrees on everything, and he is terrific with the environment. He had been there four years ago and stood by my side when I talked about the environment, when I talked about fighting global warming and putting together a good energy policy and starting with the green building initiative or start building the Hydrogen Highway in California and the million solar roof initiative. He was there and he supported me on every step of the way, so he’s the real deal when it comes to the environment.

RUSH: Man, oh, man, oh, man. The Hydrogen Highway in California, the million solar roof initiative and McCain was there. It’s a joke. I mean, all you can do is laugh at this stuff. In fact, if you want to laugh, the real laugher is the next question from Brokaw: ‘It’s well known that your wife, Maria Shriver endorsed Obama early. Is that off limits discussion in your household?’

SCHWARZENEGGER: I can only take all of these things for so long. Eventually, you know, I get sick and tired of it. So one day at night, I remember being at dinner, I got up because I had it, and I got up, and I said, you know, ‘McCain is the man. He’s the best man for this country and for the future, and Maria is absolutely wrong with that Obama fellow, absolutely wrong.’ I was so lucky that Maria was out for dinner that night. It was easier to do that.

RUSH: He had you going, didn’t he? (laughing) He got up and left the table talking to his kids. He only did it when Maria was out, but I bet he is frustrated. Can you imagine? Can you imagine living with somebody who is so diametrically opposed? How do you talk about it without losing your mind? How do you talk about it? I mean, let’s just say you think McCain is the greatest thing since sliced bread and you also think Obama is an empty suit, is nothing but platitudes and so forth, and your wife thinks he is full of substance. How in the world? You have to not talk about it. Or else get in a big huge knockdown drag out — (interruption) what? You get a divorce?

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