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RUSH: Somebody pointed out, I wish I had made this point yesterday. I don’t know who did this. Somebody sent me a note saying somebody said it and they couldn’t remember who said it. But Obama was out there praising the Supreme Court decision yesterday on the guns, (paraphrasing) ‘Oh, yeah, it’s very constitutional, I totally support it,’ after he had dissed it way back a year ago. You wouldn’t believe, by the way, the stories in the Drive-Bys trying to sanitize this guy from all of his changes. ‘He’s recalibrating his positions,’ and they’re going on and on about what a brilliant pragmatist he is as he’s growing and adapting here to the issues as they evolve and so is Obama. It’s hilarious. Anyway, Obama was praising the decision, but he voted against the two justices that made it possible. He voted against Alito and he voted against Roberts, which is just par for the course.

How about this show that’s going on between Hillary and Obama in, of all places — how stupid do they think we are? — in Unity, New Hampshire. How much energy did it take for both of them to fly to Unity, New Hampshire, for a photo-op? We all know this is a staged thing, anyway. They could have done it in Washington at a hotel room, the Eliot Spitzer hotel room at the Mayflower. They could have done it any number of places because somebody’s going to get screwed in this deal. And look at this. You have Mrs. Clinton, who is in hock for millions, she cannot raise a plug nickel, and she’s making a big deal out of telling her money machine to give money to Obama? You talk about a willing suspension of disbelief. We have some audio sound bites on this. Last night in Washington at the Mayflower Hotel, Obama said this about his grandmother.

OBAMA: My grandmother is now 86. She grew up in a small town just outside of Wichita, Kansas. During the course of this campaign, obviously she was rooting for her grandson, but on more than one occasion she said to me over the phone, she said, ‘You know, when I look at what Senator Hillary Clinton is going through, when I see how the press sometimes responds, when I see that instinct of hers to fight on behalf of those who need a change, she reminds me a little of me.’

RUSH: She reminds me a little of me? I’ll tell you, this guy has a center of the universe problem. But what did he just do here? He just compared Hillary to his 86-year-old grandmother. I’m sure she dug that. ‘My grandmother is now 86. She grew up in a small town just outside of Wichita, Kansas. During the course of this campaign, obviously she was rooting for her grandson, but on more than one occasion she said to me over the phone, she said, ‘You know, when I look at what Senator Hillary Clinton is going through–” so Hillary is like his typical white grandmother. This is Mrs. Clinton last night. This is at the Mayflower Hotel. We got lousy audio here. What we’ve done, we’ve doctored this to make it sound like it’s messianic, you know, we want the reverb and the echo all around it. It’s out of this world audio, but we left enough of it in here to be able to hear it and understand it.

HILLARY: I know my supporters have extremely strong feelings, and I know Barack’s do as well. But we are family, and we will do whatever it takes to try to win back this White House.

RUSH: Anybody think she means it? I don’t think she means this at all. This is something she has to do to retire some of her debt. And then Barry responds and says he can’t win this by himself.

OBAMA: I’m absolutely confident that we can accomplish this, but I can’t do it by myself. I’m going to need Hillary Clinton by my side campaigning for this election.

RUSH: And the reason that he’s going to need her by his side is that so she is not standing behind him where he can’t see the knife. That is why he wants her standing beside him. Stephanopoulos does not agree with his pal The Punk, Terry McAuliffe, about this. McAuliffe said, ‘It was a love fest in there,’ and Stephanopoulos said, ‘No, no, no, a lot of tension in that room.’

STEPHANOPOULOS: There was a lot of tension going into that room.

RUSH: Yes, there was a lot of tension going into that room. Early Show today on CBS, the cohostette Maggie Rodriguez interviewed Terry McAuliffe, chairman of Senator Clinton’s campaign, she said, ‘Tell me about the importance of that gesture.’

MCAULIFFE: Well, listen, we had 300 of our top supporters from around the country. That room last night raised about $230 million for Hillary’s campaign. It was significant to get everybody together, and Senator Obama said he wants to help Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has said she will do anything she can to help Senator Obama win this fall. So it was a great unity last night, it was a great feeling in the room, people were fired up.

RUSH: This is so funny. It is so phony. The last place anybody in the Clinton campaign, including Mrs. Clinton, wanted to be was in Washington last night with Barack Obama having to go through this dog and pony show, especially The Punk. Folks, we’ve got stories here in the stacks today, the women for Hillary are still fit to be tied, and they are professing no loyalty whatsoever to the Democrat Party, no loyalty to Obama. They are mad as hell. I got a bunch of stories about it, and the Clinton campaign knows this. It’s just June. A lot can happen in July, really big things can happen in August, and even bigger things can happen in September, momentous things can take place in October, and absolutely unspeakable things can happen in November. Here’s McAuliffe again. The question: ‘I just want to hear Terry McAuliffe say, ‘I’m a Barack Obama supporter.”

MCAULIFFE: I was up there. I was the emcee last night. I said, ‘We are here.’

RODRIGUEZ: Say it, say it.

MCAULIFFE: I’m 100% for Barack Obama. We’re going to win this thing, let’s do it together. I love Barack Obama.

RUSH: Here the Drive-Bys are so intent on this unity being real. Come on, say it, say it, say it, you’re for Obama. You could hear the clear lack of enthusiasm coursing through the Punk’s veins. Remember, these are the Clintons.

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