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“Senator Obama, if you give this church $22,500, you are endorsing what goes on there, and you want it to continue.”

“Everybody has some kind of an obstacle, and lots of them are unfair, and there are lots of people who face all kinds of discrimination on the basis of some other physical characteristic that they might have, not just the color of their skin.”

“This guy, Jeremiah Wright, is corrupting Christianity like I can’t believe. What he’s preaching is not Christianity.”

“The double standard here is that if Obama’s name were Romney, and if the pastor were preaching hate against blacks and associated with neo-Nazis rather than Khadafy, he would be disqualified for president.”

“This guy represents a body of thought in this country that’s found in various enclaves of the Democrat Party and in a very large enclave of the Drive-By Media, and that’s why they don’t want to cover it, because to them, it’s not news.”

“When you choose a church to become part of your life, to attend it at least on Sundays, to send your children to, you’re doing more than simply associating with it in some loose way.”

“Obama’s church has been under investigation for a while now by the IRS because it’s tax exempt. The IRS thinks there might be too much politics going on in there. I wonder why they think that. Hmm.”

“The Democrats have put together their own budget, and they have decided that you are not paying your fair share of taxes. So they voted to allow most of President Bush’s tax cuts to expire.”

“If we elect a president who thinks that we’re the focus of evil in the modern world, we have a problem. We have a huge problem.”

“Of course I know what the price of food is. Do you think I don’t eat? Do you know what the price of jet fuel is? Okay.”

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