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RUSH: Now, one of the things that — we talk about the Drive-By Media here quite a bit, and we analyze them a lot, and there have been periods of time in this program I’ve frankly gotten tired of it because everybody knows that they have a bias and everybody knows that they have an agenda, and what’s news about it? I try to ignore ’em, and just can’t. They are such a destructive force. They are so heavily aligned with the Democrats. But perhaps the thing of which they are the most responsible and guilty is a calculated and orchestrated daily effort to literally depress as many Americans as possible about their lives, about their future, and about their country. And all this is done for a number of reasons. One, it’s easy. Anybody can be negative; anybody can be a pessimist. Number two, it works. People respond far more to an impending crisis than reports of things going well. And the third reason is that they have a direct interest in you being mad. They have a direct interest.

Because they’re so aligned with the Democrats, they have a direct related interest in you beginning to doubt the basic structures of this country to define its uniqueness and greatness: i.e., capitalism, the markets. They have, over the years, convinced you to hate or suspect virtually every American institution and corporate entity on the basis that they’re out for themselves. ‘They don’t care about you. They want to kill you. They want to harm you. They want you to lose your job. They want you to be poor.’ They want you enraged, they want you miserable; they want you unhappy, and they want you loaded for bear, particularly when the White House is held by the Republican Party because they know that in periods of time where people are feeling ill at ease, they’re always going to blame the president, not the Democrats running Congress. They’ll blame the president. It’s human nature. There’s nothing you’re going to be able to do about it.

One of the things that they do — and we’ve chronicled this in the recent past. You take a look at the Drudge page, look at any list of slugged news items and the majority they have will be things that have not happened. The majority of them will be things that are speculation, and all of the speculation is rotten. All of it is bad, all of it is horrible. Much of it is simply a wild guess. Much of it is news reporting what some interest group has had to say about something, and the interest group is speculating because they’re fundraising, and they want everybody to think there’s a crisis. So the reporting of news, real journalism does not happen much anymore. Journalism has become a look to the future with an attempt to cement in as many people’s minds the doom and the gloom that awaits us as the hours, the days, the weeks, and the months continue to pile up. For example, a couple days ago or yesterday, I forget when, a big story: Scientists say there might be no ice at the North Pole this summer! Might be. There might be no ice at the North Pole this summer. And here is how it was reported on the CBS Early Show today with co-host Maggie Rodriguez and her report on this.

RODRIGUEZ: A disturbing new report from some scientists in Colorado who say that there is the very real possibility that for the first time, we will see the ice in the North Pole melt away completely during the summer!

RUSH: Now, there is no news here. The ice has not melted away. It is only ‘a very real possibility.’ It’s scientists talking about things that haven’t happened in a scientific context. So I reached out today to the official climatologist of the EIB Network, Dr. Roy Spencer of the University of Alabama at Huntsville, and Dr. Spencer said, ‘I saw that story. There’s a 50% chance the North Pole would be ice-free this summer? I’d like to take those odds. If anybody would bet me a thousand dollars, I would take those odds.’ And then he said, ‘Let me show you this. The latest chart shows the Arctic has more sea ice right now than this time last year. You can compare the beginning and end of the one-year plots because they got the chart here. The black curve would have to go all the way to the zero line in order for this to happen, and it ain’t going to happen.’

Now, I could describe this chart. The ice area here is measured in million square kilometers, and at its least last summer in September and October of 2007, it was at about three million square kilometers. As we speak, in June of 2008, it is at about ten million square kilometers. Now, the trend line is going down, but the trend line was also going down at the exact same time in 2007, at this time of year, and it bottomed out at three million. Fifty percent? They don’t know what’s going to happen. They don’t talk about the undersea volcanoes that are erupting. These things are as powerful as Vesuvius that blew up Pompeii and so forth. Classic.

And it’s designed to dovetail with all this global warming stuff, and I’ll guarantee you these scientists are in the mood and in the market for research grants. Science has now devolved into nothing more than pure market capitalism. There’s less and less science today, and there’s more and more attempts to grab money, and it is having a real effect. I’m sure you saw this. I was sent that story, and it’s a UK story. I forget what the source. Doesn’t matter. It was the UK Independent. Okay. I saw the story, and I wrote back to the person who sent it to me, and I said ‘BS,’ except I spelled out the word. This is absolute BS. If there’s no ice at the North Pole this summer, my friends, we’re in trouble. Now, here is another example of this very same method what we have been discussing of treating the news. We have a montage here. Katie Couric from CBS, John Berman and Bianna Golodryga at ABC, Jeff Glor from CBS, and George Stephanopoulos on ABC.

COURIC: Are you ready for $7 gas?

BERMAN: Gas could hit $7 a gallon within two years!

GOLODRYGA: $7 a gallon within just two years’ time!

GLOR: The new report out is predicting gas prices of $7 a gallon!

STEPHANOPOULOS: And here’s a number for you: $7 a gallon! That stunning new prediction…

RUSH: Yes. It’s just that. It’s just a ‘prediction.’ ‘Seven dollar a gallon gas,’ and you’re supposed to sit there and fall right in line and start panicking, and then you’re supposed to start getting mad, and then you’re supposed to start demanding that somebody do something about it — and who is it that you’re going to demand do something about it? Why, odds are, you’re going to demand that government do something about it. The Democrats in Congress have been in office since January of 2007. They had this massive scheme, they said, to reduce gas prices. It hasn’t happened; they haven’t done diddly-squat. Bush continues to get the blame. Capitalism is now getting the blame, speculators are being targeted. You want action. This is designed to make you even madder and more panicked. It’s designed to make you turn to government to get this fixed. It’s all a scheme. Don’t fall for it.


RUSH: I went back and I looked at this ice chart, the sea ice chart for the Northern Hemisphere, the North Pole, and here are the numbers. I mentioned to you that the arctic has more sea ice right now than it did at the same time last year. Last year at this time arctic sea ice was about 7-1/2 million square kilometers. That’s late June of 2007. We move over there to late June 2008, and arctic sea ice, as we speak, is about 10-1/2 million square kilometers. So there are three million square kilometers more sea ice at the North Pole now than at the same time last year, and yet these two doofuses in Colorado talk about how it’s a likely possibility that it might all melt this summer. And then there’s this, ladies and gentlemen. This is from The Guardian: ‘Plants and Trees Head for the Hills to Escape Global Warming.’ Oh, by the way, one other thing about this business that the ice at the North Pole is going to melt. You wait ’til your little six and seven-year-olds hear about this. ‘Mommy, Mommy, Mommy! Is Santa Claus gonna drown? Oh, Mommy, you gotta stop driving your car. You know, we can’t have Santa Claus and the elves there will drown.’ That’s what’s going to happen. I’m not kidding you, folks. This is how these people operate. What do you think they’re showing these little crumb crunchers and these skulls full of mush the Algore movie for? It’s to cause those parents to take action to get the kids off their backs. (interruption) Well, I know. There is one upside. If the ice melts at the North Pole, it’ll just be easier to drill for oil. That is a good point. But it isn’t going to melt.

At any rate, ‘Plants and Trees Head for the Hills to Escape Global Warming.’ Have you ever heard anything more ridiculous? This is from the UK Guardian. ‘Trees, shrubs, and other plants that make up mountainside forests are shifting to higher ground to escape the warming climate, researchers have found.’ If we go to the right place, you can actually see these things walking up the hills. You can see the trees and the shrubs walking. You have to see it at night. They don’t want anybody to know they walk around and move. You go out there at night, you hear the rustling around. You think it’s wind? No! The trees and the shrubs, they are making the climb up the hill. Even got a picture of it. They did that in the Lord of Rings. The trees were the saviors. That’s absolutely right. There’s a great picture here of a couple of idiot hikers who are looking at a valley of lush green and we’re supposed to see in this picture the lush green going over halfway up the valley wall on both sides. ‘Common species found on mountain ranges across Europe have steadily spread to higher altitudes during the Twentieth Century.’ Well, what does that mean? Let’s accept for the sake of it that this is true.

What does it mean? That means they’re adapting. Exactly! Just like every living thing must adapt in order to survive. We have to adapt. The trees and shrubs, when we’re not looking, are climbing the valley walls to get up higher there to escape the heat at the bottom of the valley. When it gets cold they’re going to climb back down. It’s very simple. When the global cooling starts and the heat’s over they’ll start climbing back down. They will migrate. They will adapt! But the headline here, ‘Plants and Trees Head for the Hills…’ Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say global warming causing greening of the earth? There is more lush greening of the earth, if we accept all this. Global warming allowing more plants to flourish! This headline, ‘Plants and Trees Head for the Hills to Escape Global Warming,’ makes as much sense as a headline like this: ‘People Flocking to the Coasts to Escape Rising Salaries.’ Yes, I meant to say ‘salaries.’

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