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RUSH: ‘World is ‘Effeminate’ Thanks to Men’s Fashion, Says President’s Daughter’ — The influential daughter of Kazakhstan’s president said that the world–‘ gotcha, didn’t I? You thought, ‘Which Bush kid is this?’ ‘The influential daughter of Kazakhstan’s president said that the world has become ‘increasingly effeminate’ because of men’s new interest in fashion and beauty.’ And, of course, some of you might be saying, ‘Well, she’s got a point,’ listening to some guy on the radio trying to find gardenia candles all the time. ‘Dariga Nazarbayeva, 45, told a women’s congress, ‘Men are now paying more attention to themselves and fashion. They have started going to beauty parlors and hair salons a lot more often. They have started doing manicure. Looking at the appearance of contemporary young men, one may notice how much their notions of masculinity have changed, how this masculinity is sometimes being replaced by femininity.’ But, she added to the 400 women and the 10 or so men at the conference: ‘One cannot help but notice that the world of men has become increasingly effeminate… I don’t know if we can see this as our gender’s victory.”

Snerdley, you are a noted sexist. What is your reaction when you hear this? The thing that surprised me most about this is that men in Kazakhstan are getting manicures, that they’re going to beauty parlors. I didn’t know they had beauty parlors for women in Kazakhstan, much less for men. Well, anyway Snerdley is not answering. Let me approach this in the following manner. I know some guys — which is a very healthy trait for me to have — I know some guys who are very, very worried about the percentage breakdown of female students and male students at institutions of higher learning. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, the ratio is 65 female, 35 male. (interruption) (laughing) They’re shouting in my ear, ‘What’s wrong with that?’ Well, in the old days, there would have been nothing wrong with that. That would have been two women for every guy. Cool. But when you look at why this ratio has happened, why are so few men going to college, it’s because they don’t want to hang around a bunch of feminist women. And the ones that do go to college and do hang around are the ones that are hanging around feminist women and being feminized and emasculated.

These are not good old American boys that are hanging around in college anymore. That’s not the makeup of who these people are. I haven’t shared these stories because, you know, we don’t do a lot of relationship talk on this program ’cause I’ve reached a level of expertise there that it no longer interests me. However, I’ve had stories in the Stack of Stuff today about how depressed women are. There have been countless stories. I’ll betcha in the last ten days have been two or three stories on the overall increased level of depression, clinical depression, among women in America. Clinically, yes, Snerdley, it’s new. You can write the book on sexism. He’s in there saying, ‘Women depressed? Why, what’s new about that?’ I’m telling you clinically depressed, and there’s a reason for it and that’s ’cause real men are in short supply, and real men are under assault, as brutes, predators. The feminists’ version of a real man is a jelly-spined, linguine-spined flexible manipulable character who jumps and shouts at the very command that a woman makes so no real men measure up to these babes. But that means you’ve got on the average college campi, when you have this kind of a ratio — and you know it’s not just UNC Chapel Hill. I mean there’s a lot of colleges where there are vastly many more female students than male.

What are these feminized young men doing with their lives, these guys that stay in these institutions where they’re vastly outnumbered by a bunch of feminized women who are trying to become men — that’s where feminism went wrong, when they said women gotta be more like men. I think what’s happening is that most — ’cause it’s been going on a long time — feminism (interruption) Dawn is shouting, ‘Feminism is dying!’ Certain elements of feminism are dying, the radical, Gloria Steinem, burn the bra, but feminism is not dying in the sense that men are predators, that men don’t get their kids in a divorce, it’s not dying. There’s a legacy here, even though the ancient fossilized founders of the movement may have passed on — well, not literally passed on, but they’re past their prime, they were when they started which was the whole problem in the first place, but nevertheless, there’s a legacy that still impacts people. I think what happens, these feminized voices, you know, I’ve often said, who do liberals consider real men? Michael Kinsley, Alan Alda, the guy that played Frank Burns, the character Frank Burns on M*A*S*H, you know, look how long ago that was, and this guy was practically a pet on a leash for ‘Hot Lips’ Houlihan. And I think they’ve become Democrats. Some Republicans, too. But I think they’ve run for office, and they have become Democrats.

Tom Daschle, Harry Reid, soft-spoken, concerned about everything. They’re little wusses and they’re constantly voicing their concern over every little thing that fits their template into a Democrat America. Snerdley, as you would say, it’s time to man up, grow a pair, onions, as you say. Any man with onions, as you say, is voted off the island these days since he doesn’t fit the feminist chickified template and agenda. And so what we’re left with is a collection of sniveling, whining Frank Burns-type guys who ‘Hot Lips’ Houlihan was running around on a leash. These are the people apologizing to the world for America. These are the people seeking the approval, the Richard Holbrookes of the world. These are the people that run around Europe and the Middle East, ‘Please like us, please like what have we done to make you hate us, please like us.’ What? Well, you might put Obama, the cool cat, the country club with the cigarette and the martini passing judgment on everybody, like Karl Rove said, he’s a little feminized, a little feminized, I’d have to give you that point.


RUSH: I’m not feminized. No way am I. Why do you think I’m so hated by the feminists? ‘Cause I am not feminized. Let me ask you this. Feminists don’t like scented candles, I love gardenia. They don’t like scented candles. Too feminine. Don’t mistake feminism and femininity, Snerdley, you know better than that. Between these two who’s the real man, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? Between Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton, who’s the real man? No question it’s Hillary. So the president of Kazakhstan’s daughter has a point, the world is becoming feminized, because it’s effeminate, guys are running around getting manicures, going to beauty salons.

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