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Rush’s Morning Update: Bear It
June 25, 2008

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Not long ago, I told you about a lawsuit filed by environmentalist wackos claiming polar bears will “stress out” if oil drilling is allowed in the Arctic. Well, the beloved AP rehashed the story this week blaming Bush for allowing Big Oil to harass and “annoy” these poor bears.

But the silliness doesn’t stop there. At Washington D.C.’s National Park, protesters showed up dressed in polar bear costumes to protest ExxonMobil for running an ad during baseball games.

Now, why are the wackos upset? One of their ringleaders declared: “It’s bad enough the Texans have had the White House for the last eight years. Now we have to endure advertisements for Texas’s largest corporation, ExxonMobil, here in our park? It’s our park. It’s our team. It’s our stadium, and we are not going to let Texas take it again.”

Another wacko, Mike Tidwell, asked: “What do we tell our children when they sing ‘Take Me Out to the Ballpark,’ and they sing about peanuts and Cracker Jacks, while it’s called the ExxonMobil Seventh Inning Stretch, and Exxon’s name is plastered on baseball’s biggest scoreboard?”

Hey, Tidwell? You tell your kids to thank God for companies like ExxonMobil, you doofus, that take risks, and turn crude oil into the products that fuel our economy! And if they’re little wacko kids, just tell them to grin and bear it like the polar bears. Or just cool their jets and wait for football season, you idiot.

I can’t believe these people even get any news time.

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