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RUSH: Montgomery County, Maryland, this is Sean. Sean, I’m glad you waited, welcome to the program.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Maha Rushie. I’m updating a story you just mentioned a few minutes ago. In Montgomery County, Maryland, where I reside; our school board last night provided emergency powers to our superintendent to increase the walking distance kids will have to walk before they qualify for bus service. My high school freshman will be one of the first victims from us not drilling here, from us not drilling now, and from our school system not paying less. I also want to quickly take the opportunity to call on the Dittoheads to call your show and lead you by nagging you to get out of your comfort zone to lead us to take back our country from the capitalism-destroying media. Our Founders provided us with the watchdog press because they didn’t even trust themselves to not amass power from ‘we, the people.’ And this watchdog press was specifically granted constitutional protection to report to the American people any politician who was working against limited government. And now just 230 short years later, because of mass communications as a result of the invention of television, our entire media is treasonously undermining our democracy by unleashing their unmatched power to brainwash over 80% of our fellow Americans to —

RUSH: Right. In the interests of large government, not limited.

CALLER: Yeah, but, Rush, why aren’t you leading? Why aren’t you taking specific steps to lead us to take our country back from this media?

RUSH: With all due respect, here (sigh), I think I’ve done that.

CALLER: No, Rush. I mean, why don’t you tell the truth about liberalism being that if the entire mainstream media whose job it is to give the truth about politicians who are working against the Constitution, which is what you do. If you convinced us that they’re not doing what they’re supposed to do and therefore the majority of the American people are being brainwashed to vote for those people who are destroying our country, then we would realize that our problem is the media, Rush, and nothing — not the liberal who are down there —

RUSH: Look, that has been one of the foundational building blocks of this program. It is why I am hated — literally hated — by the Drive-By Media. It is why they run editorial cartoons wishing I were dead instead of Tim Russert. The leadership role that you advocate has been underway here for 20 years.

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