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RUSH: There’s PMSNBC, DNCTV now running a little bit on Charlie Black, who is, you know, big-time, old-line Republican guy, he’s worked with every president there is. Charlie Black is Mr. Republican, good or bad, he’s Charlie Black. I met him a couple times, nice guy, and now we’ve got PMSNBC running a little story on Charlie Black, ‘Politics of Fear.’ Politics of fear? What did Charlie Black say? Here’s a classic illustration of how political correctness is shutting down free and open expression of ideas. Charlie Black said, ‘Yeah, another terrorist attack would help McCain.’ And of course McCain dutifully ran out there, threw him under the bus, da-da-da-da-da. I’ve got so many sound bites here that I gotta find what page this is on. Let’s see. Somebody help me out if they know what I’m talking about, where it is. I don’t want to have to waste precious broadcast time. Just play cut 13. I think I know what this is. Let ‘er rip.

MCCAIN: I can’t imagine why he would say it. It’s not true. I’ve worked tirelessly since 9/11 to prevent another attack on the United States of America. My record is very clear.

RUSH: Yeah.

MCCAIN: The Armed Services Committee and pieces of legislation —

RUSH: It’s not about that.

MCCAIN: — sponsoring the Joe Lieberman 9/11 commission —

RUSH: It’s not —

MCCAIN: — so we can find out the causes —

RUSH: It’s not about —

MCCAIN: — and how to fix the challenges that we face, the security of this nation.

RUSH: It’s not about —

MCCAIN: I can’t imagine it. And so if he said that, and I do not know the context, I strenuously disagree.

RUSH: He wasn’t suggesting or hoping that there be one! This is the thing. Senator McCain, somebody’s gotta grab hold of you before you go out there. This was not about your record on terrorism. This was not about anything other than Charlie Black saying, yeah, if there’s another terrorist attack. I’ve had people call me ever since 9/11, 2001, ‘Rush, if there’s another terrorist attack, will it hurt Bush or help Bush? Will it help the Democrats or hurt?’ things that everybody asks and wonders about all the time. Here we are in the midst of a presidential campaign, and I’m telling you, folks, we have a serious, serious difference in these two candidates in one area, and that’s foreign policy, and who will defend this country and who will seek to appease our enemies, and we know damn well that it’s Obama who will seek to appease our enemies. We know damn well that it’s McCain who won’t put up with another attack. It’s McCain who will fight back. McCain will not go talk to Ahmadinejad or try to find Bin Laden to talk to him if there’s another attack. He’s going to try to find out who did it and then mount a counter-response. We don’t know that about Obama. This is just a fact of life.

On the other end of the scale, if there were another Hurricane Katrina, guess who it helps? Helps Obama. Do you remember all the Democrats back in 2002, Dick Gephardt excitedly saying, ‘For every hundred-point drop in the stock market we pick up a seat in the House.’ The Democrats have long wished for misery on the American people. The Democrats have long hoped for collapse of some kind to help them politically. You think they’re rejoicing over these high gasoline prices? I guaran-damn-tee you they are. Do you think they’re rejoicing over never-ending media stories about the doom and gloom in the economy and the fact that there’s no future left in America? I damn well bet you and guarantee you they are. The Democrats, the American leftists are doing everything they can to profit from the misery that they are trying to instill in the minds and hearts of as many Americans as possible. So poor old Charlie Black comes out and states the obvious, and then all hell breaks loose.

By the way, speaking of Hurricane Katrina, there’s a story. I have it here in the stack, that all of the people along the Mississippi River in Iowa, Illinois, that’s been flooded, why, they love FEMA, FEMA’s been doing a great job. You know what my reaction was? Wait ’til the flood hits New Orleans. Wait ’til the swollen Mississippi hits New Orleans, and whatever good vibes that there are for FEMA will have — (laughing) — I’m sorry. See, I’m politically incorrect. I, ladies and gentlemen, am laughing about this. So Senator McCain, (doing McCain impression) ‘I wish he wouldn’t have said it. Look at my record, I’ve done everything I can to stop a terrorist attack.’ We know. We know. It’s not about that. If it happens, Senator, we know what you would do about it, and we know what Obama would do about it, and we’d prefer what you would do about it, Senator, than what Senator Obama will do about it. In fact, I’ll go a step further. Somebody said this. I got so much stuff in the stacks I can’t remember who said this. Somebody made a prediction, I can’t remember who it was, but they’re right, whoever it was. Oh, take it back. It was John Bolton.

John Bolton said there will not be an attack on Iran by Israel before the election, but there will be between the election and the inauguration. That’s what John Bolton said in an interview with the UK Telegraph, and he said, ‘I’m beside myself that the Americans, the United States have lost the will to take care of this. They seem happy to farm it out to the Israelis. The Israelis will do it, but they won’t do it in a way that will affect our election but they will do it to protect themselves after the election.’ So he’s on record with that prediction. Let me make one of my own. Precisely because, every time I hear Ahmadinejad speak, every time I hear a tape from Ayman al-Zawahiri or a so-called dispatch from Bin Laden, whenever I hear from any of these Middle East Al-Qaeda terrorists, I think I’m hearing Democrat Party talking points. I will guaran-damn-tee you there will not be a terrorist attack before the election. And you know why there won’t be one? Because they want Obama elected. They wanted John Kerry elected. They wanted the Democrats elected in the 2006 midterms. Am I politically incorrect for saying this? We all know it to be true. They’ve said as much!

We hear stories, we read stories in the Drive-By Media about how some of these despots like Chavez in Venezuela, others are looking forward to the election of Obama. Hamas has endorsed Obama. Hamas has endorsed Obama! You think they’re going to do anything to upset the applecart of Obama’s election? Why do you think they’ve endorsed Obama? Because they want a very strong ally for Israel in the White House? (laughing) I saw the stupidest poll. I don’t even know what the poll was. I got a glance of it on television. It’s the kind of poll I don’t believe, it’s supposed to dispirit Republicans, something like 48 to 43, Americans prefer Obama to McCain on foreign policy. Now, that’s just absurd. It might have been a Newsweek poll because I think it was PMSNBC, you know, they’re in bed with Newsweek. They’re not only in bed, they’re under the covers with Newsweek. Anyway, let me grab the phones quick. We’ll start here in Nashville, Tennessee. This is Daniel. Daniel just left. Daniel was going to ask a question, ‘Should McCain bring up Tony Rezko at town hall meetings?’ He wouldn’t. McCain will not do that. McCain wants an honorable campaign, (doing McCain impression) ‘That’s right, Limbaugh, honorable campaign, talking about issues. Yeah, stick to the issues and my record. Rezko, shmezko, doesn’t matter to me. Ever heard of the Keating Five?’ (laughing) Sorry, folks. Well, that’s why he won’t bring it up.

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