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“Somebody sent me a Mao hat, and I put it on here at the top of the hour. Sadly, the thing looks better on me than most caps do.”

“I, over the course of many years, have dated many different women, and I have dated some liberals. I remember one prominent liberal babe that I dated — I had to go on the Rush-Proves-He’s-Not-Satan Tour, meeting all of her friends and family.”

“If you sit around and hope, you end up fainting at political speeches. I mean, if you’re going to faint, at least do it at a rock concert — do it at a Donny Osmond concert.”

“Did Michelle Obama not feel proud about the Berlin Wall coming down? Did she not feel proud about the way we came together after 9/11? What an illustration of people taking this country for granted.”

“It’s the Clintons. This nomination is the only reason they’re alive. It’s the sum total of every Christmas morning in their lives, with themselves as Santa Claus.”

“They say that women marry men like their fathers. In Hillary’s case, it’s partially true, but I think she’s the domineering one.”

“Let’s try to stay away here from the three-dollar words like placebo; it’s only going to confuse the people in Rio Linda who take the real stuff.”

“There’s an inverse relationship happening, and it’s very simple: The better Barack Obama does in the polls, the worse the caliber of calls we get here.”

“One of reason I love my friends down here is because they couldn’t care less about what I do. We go out and play golf, and nobody says: ‘Rush, what do you think of the election?’ Listen to my show if you care about that! I’m here to break 80!”

“Politics would be a hell of a good business if it weren’t for the damn people in it.”

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