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Rush’s Morning Update: American Justice!
June 16, 2008

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On June 12, the Supreme Court bestowedconstitutional rights on foreign-born terrorists. The ruling is a chilling demonstration of the American divide;conservative and liberal. Four liberals on the Court– aidedby Justice Kennedy– grabbed power. Their decision overturned precedent since our Foundingthat placed the prosecution of warswithin the Executive Branch.

Democrats are celebrating the ruling amid warningsthat it’s going tocost American troops their lives. But this decision has even broader implications. In short order, liberal jurists have turned American law upside-down:

•They havestripped voters of free-speech rights andpolitical debate.
•They have stripped homeowners of rights to their own property– should politicians decide to seize it for developers.
•They have stripped parents of their rights to discipline their own children, whileredefining the very definition of marriage.
•They have ruled illegal immigrants must be accorded the same protections as citizens– and American taxpayers must support them.
•They have pushed God from the public square.
•They have used junk science to place the interests of animals above thoseof people.
•They have stripped the most sacred protection– the right to life– from infants in the womb.

What power liberals cannot achieve at the ballot box, they seize through the courts. This is the “change” Obama and his fellow liberals desire.And the America they’re creatingis not the America we know, folks… or an America most of youwill even want to know. Buck up.

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