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Rush’s Morning Update: Advocacy!
June 13, 2008

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Well! Just in time for the election, folks, a new advocacy group has been formed to address what they call “the most pressing civil rights issue in America today.” Among the Education Equality Project’s founding members: the Reverend Sharpton and the heads of New York City’s and Washington DC’s public skrool systems.

Now, oddly enough, the group is echoing points thatI have been raising for years. They’re demanding a nationwide shakeup of the public skrools. They cite the miserable track record educating black and Hispanic kids, and they pin the blame on special interest groups like teachers unionsand on parental indifference.

They’re calling for more accountability from teachers, greater responsibility from parents, and more incentives to reward achievement. I mean, this isa perfect example of the Limbaugh Echo Syndrome!Something else caught my attention, too: Michelle Rhee, thehead of Washington DC’s skrools, criticized her fellow Democrats for attacking the No Child Left Behind Act — that’sPresident Bush’s policy to ensure greater accountability.

Now, it’s way too early to see if the Education Equality Project will have any impact, or just fade into the background like a zillion other advocacy groups. But,for a change,we’ve got liberals correctly identifying major problems in education: Democrat-run teachers’ unions and indifferent parents.

My guess is this group will be royally ignored by their own Democrat party– including the messiah, Barack Obama. Because when it comes to choosing between the needs of minority kids and the teachers’ unions…Ha, ha! With liberals, the kids are going to come in dead last –every time!

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