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RUSH: We cannot let this guy, Obama, get anywhere near the Oval Office, because Obama is not the guy running his show.

Obama is a puppet, folks. Now we got rid of this guy Jim Johnson, all the fallout here with Countrywide. All right, fine. Now Eric Holder is the lone remaining — well, there’s somebody else on that committee. Oh, yeah, Caroline Kennedy is also on the vice presidential vetting committee. He has Eric Holder on there. Eric Holder is just as up to scandal, involved in it, as Jim Johnson was. He’s the guy that arranged the pardon for Marc Rich. And, by the way, by the way, there’s all kinds of oppo research that’s been released on Eric Holder last night and today, coming from the Clintons because he’s on the enemies list. You know, Holder was one of their AGs or something, assistant AGs or something. He went over to Obama. I’ll tell you, the Clintons are not through here, folks. They are not through. There’s some oppo research coming that the RNC is putting out, but some of this stuff that’s being put out, stuff that you would have to figure intimates of Holder would know.

Now, listen to how the AP writes this story. It’s by Charles Babington. I don’t know how he pronounces it.

‘One was gone within hours. Another lasted a few days. The most famous hung on for weeks. In dealing with associates who have dragged him into controversies, Barack Obama has shown great patience with a longtime friend, but much less forbearance with those whose ties are weaker.’ Oh, grab the violins. Grab the tissues. I think I’m going to start crying! When it’s a great messiah, it’s not his fault that he surrounds with low-rent human debris. It’s not his fault he surrounds himself with Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and all these others. No! They’ve dragged him into these controversies. They’ve dragged Obama, but according to these pukes at the Drive-By Media, they dragged him. He’s a poor, innocent messiah! This guy can’t keep his own staff on track. This guy cannot unify the Democrat Party. He can’t unify Hispanics. He cannot unify women. ‘He’s going to unify the world, Mr. Limbaugh.’ Fine. If he’s going to unify the world, I want to see him unify his family. I want to see him unify his church. I want to see him unify his campaign staff. I want to find out who’s really making these decisions. He hasn’t been around long enough to pick a Jim Johnson or Eric Holder.

He says, ‘They don’t work for me.’ He has to take it back. ‘Well, I guess they do work for me. But I wasn’t paying ’em,’ and then you go to Barnes & Noble, you look for books on God, you put God in the search field and you get two Obama books that show up in the top three selections. God. ‘In dealing with associates who have dragged him into controversies, Barack Obama has shown great patience with a longtime friend,’ that would be Jerry Wright, ‘but much less forbearance with those whose ties are weaker.’ Jim Johnson and whoever else. He’s patient. Patience. Patience. Here’s Obama. He’s a messiah. He’s God. So he chooses these flawed hacks. The news comes out that they are indeed flawed hacks. ‘Poor Obama. Poor Obama. These guys’ controversies, they’re really hard on Obama. But he’s dealing with it in a great way.’ Yeah, what’s that? He’s throwing ’em under the bus! He threw his grandmother under the bus. Ran over her a couple times then had a courage to get out of the bus, pick her up, put her back in the bus. The tire tracks are still on her, but she’s back in the bus.

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