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RUSH: I had a plant today in a Howard Dean breakfast with reporters, and I just got the report from the plant who attended the Howard Dean breakfast, and this is what he said. He said, ‘Democrats are nervous about Obama’s chances in November, but Howard Dean called such unease healthy.’ I know they’re nervous. They have been nervous when the guy started losing primary after primary after primary in major states to the witch. They were bugged by this. They were troubled by it. He did not get votes from traditional Democrat constituencies. You know they’re worried! So my plant at the Howard Dean breakfast confirms this. Dean says, ‘I’m actually thrilled that they’re nervous. I think it’s about time. Last spring there was this feeling of confidence, that we’re just going to roll through everything, and that’s how you lose elections. So I’m delighted that Democrats are really worried about whether they can win or not. I’m just delighted about this! It’s absolutely going to be close.’

There is no way that Howard Dean is excited that they are worried. They know, folks. They know they have big troubles here because this election is a referendum. John McCain is not going to be that big a factor in this election. This election is going to be a referendum on Obama. People are either going to vote for Obama or they are going to vote against Obama. That’s sad to say for you Republicans; that’s just the way it is. They’re going to vote Obama or against him, pure and simple — and that’s why it’s going to be important for Obama to be properly defined by people who have courage and the willingness to treat this presidential campaign as it is. Not some of these gutless wonders on our side that are out there saying — reportedly saying — that it is to ‘demonize’ Obama to refer to him as a liberal senator.

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