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RUSH: You know, our friends at General Motors want us to drive all these new cars. They have the Tahoe hybrid, all kinds of things. They’ve given us here the Saturn ASTRA, and it’s based on one of their best-selling models in Europe, and it is great-looking little car, 30 miles to the gallon on the highway with an automatic transmission. Now, one of the cool things about the Saturn ASTRA: GM calls it ‘neutral idle technology.’ Basically when the car stops at a light, the transmission shifts to neutral automatically. This saves gasoline. Now, General Motors has many more models that have an EPA estimated 30 miles per gallon or better on the highway.

Now, the Saturn ASTRA, we don’t have it yet. It’s due in any moment. We’re going to be tooling around in this thing because we love General Motors here. We are proud. We hope General Motors comes around. General Motors is doing their best to provide the customers of this country what they want with automobiles, and we want ’em to come around — and that’s why we here are willing to help them. So the Saturn ASTRA, that’s up next for us. I’ll find out how many groceries I can fit in it when I send somebody to the store for me.

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