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RUSH: I also want to try to delicately address something here that I was chastised for somewhat. There wasn’t a whole lot of e-mails, but I did get four or five e-mails after yesterday’s program from very upset women. (interruption) No, they’re not upset about that, Snerdley. It’s something quite more basic. They were very upset over the discussion of Sex and the City and why men don’t go watch the stupid movie. Three of them demanded that we cancel their subscriptions to my website, Rush 24/7. I wrote back: ‘Cancel your own subscription. It’s right there on the website, why do I have to do your work for you?’ Well, that’s what Bill Buckley said. People would send him complaints of what was in National Review, they said, ‘Cancel my subscription.’ He wrote a book called Cancel Your Own Goddam Subscription. Anyway, look, I can understand it. We were discussing Sex and the City yesterday, why men don’t go watch it, and some guy named Michael James Moore wrote a piece saying the reason that men don’t go watch the movie Sex and the City is ’cause they are envious of the deeply bonded friendships that the four women have in that movie and in that series and that men don’t have those kind of friendships. The only time men get together and really bond is when they go out on the golf course or engage in basketball, some other sports activity, or when they hit the bar and start consuming adult beverages. But in no other form or fashion do men bond with deep friendships, and they’re jealous and they’re envious. I said, ‘That has nothing to do with this.’

What I said was that men do not want to go watch a movie where you’ve got — I did describe them unflatteringly, but accurately: Horse face, Grand Canyon neck, 51-year-old sex kitten skank, whatever I said. I didn’t write these things down. They just kind of flowed off the tongue. Nobody wants to go watch these kinds of people drink cosmos or whatever it is and sit around complaining about men, and men don’t want to go watch relationship analysis movies. They get enough of that in their real life. We don’t analyze relationships; we just live it. Relationship analysis, inevitably, men are being told what they’re not doing right or what they’re doing wrong. And then in the heat of this inspired monologue — and I knew that I was on the edge here — in the heat of this inspired monologue, I said, look, if you give us Cameron Diaz or Julia Roberts, names just flew off, I mean, what I said was we might watch a 31-year-old doing relationship analysis. We’re not going to watch a 51-year-old doing it. Well, it was that, Mr. Snerdley, that caused the anger. It was e-mails from women who are 50, 51, who wrote and said they’re huge fans, but that’s it, cancel their subscriptions because there are plenty of beautiful 51-year-old women out there, and I cast myself as a typical male by making that observation. And so they’re just mad.

I even got a note from one of them today said, ‘You know what you don’t understand, doofus, is that there are a lot of 51-year-old women who like looking at 31-year-old men, not people like you,’ to which my response was, ‘So? What’s the point? I totally understand it! I’m not insulted when you say that because I like myself.’ No, I’m not going to grovel. I’m not going to grovel, Snerdley. You know I don’t grovel. What do you mean, am I gonna have to grovel? I don’t have to do anything. Follow my instincts, do what’s right. That brief moment of time that I made that statement yesterday, ladies, that was not the me that I know. I am not groveling. That was not the me I know.

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