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Rush’s Morning Update: Save the Bear
Original Air Date: June 11, 2008

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Less than a month ago, the interior department caved to the Democrat-run Congress and declared polar bears a “threatened species” –which they aren’t! I explained why Democrats are so invested in polar bears: 1.) to push their anti-oil-drilling agenda, and 2.) as a cute propaganda pawn to advance the global warming hoax.

Predictably, two environmentalist wacko groups have now turned to the judicial system, giving notice that they intend to sueto protect the polar bears from oil exploration and drilling off the Alaska coast.

An attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity explains that boats, airplanes, and drilling platforms will cause the polar bears to stress out– and that, because of global warming, the bears are already in “worse physical condition than they would be in an otherwise intact Artic.” A spokesman for the other wacko group– Pacific Environment– slammed the Bush Administration for “aggressively seeking to promote oil and gas development in polar bear habitat,” instead of protecting the bears.

Now, folks, according to the Fish & Wildlife Service, since 1993 there has not been one documented case where a single polar bear death can be attributed to oil and gas development. And those photos that Algore and other wackos use of polar bears supposedly stranded on shrinking ice? They are as fraudulent as the entire global warming hoax.

So here’s the bottom linefrom Democrats to America: Screw you! Pay up the wazoo for your gas, but no drilling, no jobs, no matter what. Andsave the polar bear… fromnothing — while you lose more of your freedom.

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