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RUSH: I checked the email here in the break. ‘Rush…’ It’s the same old question I keep getting for two or three weeks. Any time I discuss the failure of the Republicans to counter the leftism in the Democratic Party, it’s, ‘Well, what can we do? What can we do?’ Well, let me give you an example. To those of you in Seattle. Now, I know that the majority of the population in Seattle is leftists, and when they read about the bonfire ban — the possible bonfire ban. They’re going to limit the number of bonfires this year and maybe ban them next year on a couple of beaches in Seattle to avoid global warming. Why not just two beaches? If it leads to global warming, why not ban it period?

Ban forest fires. Ban the lightning strikes that cause them, for crying out loud. Eight billion lightning strikes a year? Ban lightning! At any rate, my hope is that even leftists in Seattle — who do, obviously, set most of the bonfires, for crying out loud — will sit there and say, ‘No way, pal!’ But that’s probably hoping too much. So what can you do about it? Here’s, to me, something that’s very simple. There will have to be public hearings on this. Whatever local government agency is behind this, whatever board, whatever town council, whatever county government, whatever the hell it is. Just show up when they have the hearings! Whether you set bonfires or not, just show up and say, ‘No!’ That it’s pointless. Object to it. Instead of just laying down idly by the side of the road saying, ‘Okay, run over me again.’

‘Why don’t you do that, Rush? Well, stand by. We’re all dealing with these kinds of regulations that encroach on freedom and this sort of thing, but at the right time, you do it; and I’m going to be one that’s going to. It’s just getting out of hand. It is ridiculous now, and it’s getting to the point where everybody ought to be saying, ‘Enough!’ I have a little funny note. I have a friend who had some health problems recently. He’s been going to the doctor for four years to deal with the health problems. He’s been doing everything the doctors say to do. He’s been doing everything the media says to do. You know, ‘Don’t eat this; don’t eat that. Do eat this; don’t drink that. Do drink this. Make sure you get enough sleep,’ blah, blah, blah. So my friend goes to the doctor for a checkup and he says, ‘You need surgery,’ and they sent him a letter along with his report. It said, ‘You could die during the surgery.’

I said to him, ‘That’s just the tort lawyers. They have to put that in there for liability purposes: You could die during surgery.’

He said, ‘That’s not the point. They told me that life is finite! My doctors told me that life is finite, so I could die in surgery! I’ve been doing everything the doctors said for four years, and now they tell me I could die!’

I said, ‘Exactly right! You’re following all of these stupid, ridiculous — forget the doctors. All of these stupid, ridiculous things like don’t drink coffee, do drink coffee, don’t eat oat bran, do eat oat bran, all of these other stupid things.’ Eating certain things is going to cause global warming, and you try do the best you can do on the premise you’re lengthening your life and maybe you won’t die — and then the doctors tell you you’re going to die!

‘Yeah, I was shocked. I thought I was doing everything right and they tell me I could die!’

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