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RUSH: We’re always trying to help out here at the EIB Network, always trying to come up with solutions. I think I’ve come up with one for those of you in Seattle all concerned about your upcoming bonfire ban. There’s a way around this: Just use the American flag to get the fire going. Just get a whole bunch of American flags and do your bonfire with American flags instead of wood — and, thereby, you can call it free speech; and voila! You have your bonfire! Just burn the American flag. Everybody from the Supreme Court on down said you can do that, and nobody has said that burning the American flag causes global warming like they say burning wood does. I’d do stuff like that. I’d grab whatever the flag of the local community is that’s making this, and get a bunch of their flags, and I’d burn them right along with the American flag and call it free speech — and I’d do it on the Fourth of July.

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