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RUSH: One of the elements of Mrs. Clinton’s speech, here’s Hillary Clinton as big a leftist as is Obama, as big a leftist as anybody in MoveOn.org. They’re all leftists in this party to people that are running it.

She’s standing up there and she’s saying my candidacy has proved you can do anything you want. Work hard, never give up, and if you get knocked down, get right back up. We’ve all heard this. It used to be standard stuff, and it still is in sports. Well, not even in sports. Now we have organized sports where nobody loses. I just saw something, and I don’t even know where this is from. I’ve got it here in the stack. You know how in sports, kid’s sports, they don’t keep score in a lot of places so that there’s no humiliation for losing. Every year in every school there’s this big production, the people in the drama class and so forth, in junior high and high school, somebody always gets the leading role, the leading male role. At this school in Japan, every girl in the drama class will get to play the lead on one night. They will rotate it so that everybody finds out what it’s like to play the lead and nobody feels left out. Pandering to the lowest common denominator and not teaching life lessons, but let me get back to the point. Here’s Mrs. Clinton, urging all of these people, fight for what you believe in, always continue, never give up, get knocked down, stand back up. I was watching with somebody who thought that was just great. And I said, no, it’s not. If she means that, why doesn’t she become a conservative and tell every damn person in the country to act that way instead of asking every damn person in the country to depend on her.

She never tells the people in this country to stand up, to be the best you can be, if you get knocked down get back up, and keep fighting for what you believe. She portrays the people in this country as inept, incompetent, incapable and worthless unless they have a health insurance plan from the government, unless they have a government check. If Mrs. Clinton really meant that, she would say it to the people in her country, and not a bunch of people who are her supporters gathered in a little building in Washington DC. She doesn’t believe that. She believes it for herself. She would never turn her life over to the government. She would never turn her healthcare over to the government. But she can’t wait to run yours, nor can Obama. So the next time you hear a Hillary Clinton or a Barak Obama or somebody tell a little group of people they’re talking to, ‘Don’t ever give up. You can be the best you can be. Keep striving. Use everything you’ve got.’ Understand that these are the same people who are putting obstacles in everybody’s way out there trying to do that, and they’re actually inspiring the people in the country to do the exact opposite. They’re inspiring as many people as possible to sit back, do nothing and wait for the government to take care of most of their daily needs and some of their wants. They’re a bunch of hypocrites, and they know full well the damage that they’re inflicting. They don’t care. It’s all about their power and they can’t get it unless you lose some of yours.

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