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Rush’s Morning Update: Incomprehensible
June 9, 2008

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When Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the September 11 terrorist attacks, stood in an American military court last week, he told the judge thathe wanted the death penalty– so he could become a martyr. (I say we let him have what he wants.) Sounding every bit like some elected Democrats and antiwar activists,he accused President Bush of waging “a crusader war” and castigated America for having “evil laws.” In solidarity with many left-leaning Americans,he ranted about being tortured.

Khalid Mohammed, who faces 2,973 counts of murder, did undergo harsh interrogations. He’s one of the few that wesubjected to water-boarding — and he sang like a canary. Those interrogations directly led to the capture of other terrorists, costing Al-Qaeda the chance to kill perhaps thousands more Americans. But those facts are lost on many Americanswho have fallen sway to the relentless anti-Bush political assault waged by the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media.

It is incomprehensiblethat our military and intelligence forces have been vilified for protecting us, instead of being celebrated as the heroes they are. It’s justincomprehensiblethat so many have forgotten the very real threat of terrorists– who, likeMohammed, consider it an honor to die for their evil cause.

Equally incomprehensibleis the fact that the standard-bearer of the Democrat party advocates appeasement and surrender to the likes of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed– and now stands as a viable candidate for the highest office in our land. Yikes.

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