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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, earlier this week, the Drive-By Media is having orgasms over the meeting that Hillary had last night with Obama at the home of Dianne Feinstein in Washington. They are having orgasms — well, some of the Obama press detail was upset because they were herded to the airport and put on his campaign plane while Obama sped over to Di Fi’s house for a super-secret private meeting with Hillary that nobody knew about. Their aides weren’t there, and the media wasn’t there, and we have sound bites of the press on Obama’s plane all bent out of shape that they were denied access.

Anyway, tomorrow at noon Mrs. Clinton is said to endorse Obama. She will extricate herself formally and officially from the presidential race. This has the Drive-Bys in a twitter. Special coverage on all three Drive-By cable networks. They are headlining it, promoting it, bannering and so forth. It’s just such an amazing thing. And, of course, earlier this week, one of the questions came up, how should Obama do this? How should Obama handle Mrs. Clinton? And I immediately referenced a song from Camelot, a Lerner and Loewe song called How to Handle a Woman by Richard Harris. I remember as a struggling young deejay, my first or second year in radio playing this song on the radio. It was not a hit commercially on the radio, but we had it around, I played it, and I’ve never forgotten the song. We asked for the broadcast engineer to see if we had the song in our Prophet System. We did not have the song in our Prophet System, but we have found it, we went out and used corporate funds to purchase the 1967 soundtrack of Camelot. It’s on Warner Brothers. We have put together Richard Harris singing the song with a montage of people and showing respect for Mrs. Clinton and how she is to be treated.

(playing of How to Handle a Woman)

Now, we’re not through with this. This is a work in progress. We got a couple things that we’re going to add to this, and as they get added, we will keep replaying the tune, my friends.


RUSH: I don’t believe this. The staff asking me, ‘What are you doing playing a song like Richard Harris when you’re 16 years old? What kind of format was this radio station?’ It was a small town little radio station, and the way it worked was this, in the morning we played… Well, when I started. I changed all this in time, but in the morning we played really light stuff so it wouldn’t shock people when their radio alarms went off. That was the theory. (interruption) No, farm news was part of it. The barnyard news, big barnyard news, we did all that. Beauty tips. And then like at eight or nine o’clock, country started to play. We had the country cycle, and you played that until about one o’clock. Then you started on the pop stuff, the Sinatra and all this. Then at three o’clock when the kids got out of school, we did Top 40. So I just ran into this Richard Harris song as I was going through the stack of records. It was not part of the playlist. (interruption) No, we didn’t use 78s back then, Brian! Way to go. We didn’t use 78s. We used 33s and 45s. We used vinyl. We actually used vinyl. It was mono. We were 1550 on the dial. We were thump compressed. Anyway, we have updated the Richard Harris song now, How to Handle a Woman, with additions. Put it that way.

(playing of How to Handle a Woman)

RUSH: Wait a minute! (laughing) Is this respect? You come outta that with She’s About a Mover? It is fun to watch the Drive-Bys having their orgasms here over this meeting last night with Hillary and Barack Obama, and Hillary’s big appearance tomorrow.

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