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RUSH: Portland, Maine, this is Henry. Nice to have you with us, sir. Welcome to Open Line Friday.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. It’s nice to get through the firewall.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Anyway, Obama has been saying that John McCain will continue the third Bush term. Well, if he picks Hillary Clinton, the perception will be that it’s just going to be the Clintons’ third term. And so that’s going to blow his whole argument out of the water. The same with Florida voting. They can’t use that now in November, because they also disenfranchised many voters.

RUSH: Well, they can’t, but they will. They’ll continue to talk about it, but they can’t because the Drive-Bys won’t call ’em on their hypocrisy. Hillary’s not going to be the veep. It isn’t going to happen.

CALLER: Well, he certainly can’t do that, because that will definitely be the perception, and I don’t think he wants all that baggage, and he knows that he’ll end up being the perceptive vice president by the time —

RUSH: Well, it’s worse than that. I mean, look, the whole vetting process. The Clintons wouldn’t sit down for it. When you start vetting your vice presidential nominee, they have to open up on all the finances, they have to do an FBI background check. The Clintons are not going to sit for this, they’re not going to do it, it isn’t going to happen, especially Bill is not going to do it. Here, listen to this. This just cleared the wires. It’s from the New York Daily News this morning: ‘The Obama camp is preparing to embrace Hillary Clinton enthusiastically — but they’re reaching for the 10-foot pole to keep her rabid husband at bay. Bill Clinton’s erratic and increasingly sulfuric behavior on the campaign trail has perplexed senior Barack Obama campaign officials trying to figure out how to deploy him in the fall campaign. … A senior Obama adviser, however, said Bill Clinton and Obama were likely to appear together in rural areas, where blue-collar white voters favored Hillary overwhelmingly. ‘He could have been a great attack dog on [John] McCain,’ the source lamented. ‘He was rehabilitated, a total rock star, leader of the Democratic Party and an elder statesman. All of that is gone. There’s a lot of consensus on that in the party.’ … Bubba’s bozo act became so notorious even a fan, Queens Rep. Gary Ackerman, was willing to crack a joke at his expense. Asked Thursday if the Obama-Clinton ticket he would like to see wouldn’t also ‘marry’ the duo’s weaknesses, Ackerman quipped, ‘Yeah — and you also don’t want to marry their spouse!”

So, at any rate, who knows what these people are going to do. I can’t see Hillary on the ticket. And there’s a big, big story, have it here in the Stack of Stuff, about how the Senate is not going to roll out the welcome carpet for Mrs. Clinton when she returns with some especially created leadership position. So if you read the tea leaves right now, the Democrats want rid of the Clintons as much as can be done, and that isn’t going to happen if she ends up on the ticket.

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