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RUSH: Bruce in Fort Wayne, Indiana, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Proud corporal during the Indiana Inquisition, sir.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: First I want to say something to Mona, Pete, and the last woman. Keep your head held high and grow a spine. I’m absolutely disheartened by the negativity. You have to first master your own life before you can try to help others, and this disheartening just absolutely makes me feel horrible, absolutely horrible. And you have given me a backbone, sir, and you really are more my father than my own. And to hear you being bashed like this is just really reviling to me.

RUSH: Don’t take it personally. They’re not bashing me personally. They’ve just… I appreciate your sentiments, but they’re just frustrated. They see such an opportunity being squandered here.

CALLER: They’re lost, and I understand that, but they need to take hope and not become disembodied like the liberals.

RUSH: We’re going to keep ’em fired up.

CALLER: Two things —

RUSH: We’ll keep ’em bucked up.

CALLER: Two things disturb me. First, Iran. Bush seems to have let it go. Will McCain do any better?

RUSH: I don’t know that Bush has let it go. What do you want Bush to do?

CALLER: Well, you mentioned before that he had some plan, before leaving office that he was going to do something.

RUSH: I had talked to a bunch of his donors and said to me that they can’t see Bush leaving office with Iran still a problem, a nuclear problem. And he’s not out of office yet, either.

CALLER: (garbled)

RUSH: I’m not privy to anything that they might be doing here in the United States about dealing with Iran. What’s your question about McCain in that regard?

CALLER: Will he do any better? You mentioned, you know, the moderate Republicanism of Bush and that this guy is a liberal Republican in terms of his policies. You getting a more watered-down product and since —

RUSH: I don’t know what… I have no clue what anybody’s going to do. But, look, there’s one thing of dealing with this and I don’t know that we’ve got the mettle. If we are as convinced — and it’s not just us, it’s the IAEA. If they are working enriching uranium for a nuclear weapon there’s only one thing to do, and that’s stop ’em, and the only way… You can’t do it with talk. You can’t do it with freezing assets. You can’t do it by aligning the rest of the world against them. It’s not going to work. You have to do it militarily. I suspect what McCain will do, to differentiate himself from Bush, is actually go over there and meet with the moderate and independent mullahs and try to talk some sense to them. (interruption) No, I’m joking, Snerdley. Don’t take it so… (ear-splitting tone)

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