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Rush’s Morning Update: Swallow This!
June 6, 2008

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Well, apparently, folks, there’s no rest for the weary. Now Hillary Clinton is being asked — herself — to shoulder the burden of healing angry Democrat women (when she’s not the one who made them mad).

Missouri Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill, an Obama supporter, thinks it’s up to Hillary to deliver a strong endorsement of Obama to promote healing. While acknowledging that Hillary’s loss is “really hard” on angry Democrat women right now, McCaskill says: “As time passes…the medicine is going to be a little easier to swallow.”

You angry women get that?

Listen to whatGloria Steinem said:”For 35 years, people have been asking me if there will be a female president, and I have always said, ‘not in my lifetime’…I still feel that way,” she complains. Then she said: “The patterns of history are that, at the upper levels, we see different varieties of men first. The female comes later.” Steinem blames the Drive-Bys for Hillary’s defeat, saying: “The media was in love with Obama, and in hate with Hillary, hands down.” Nevertheless, Steinem predicts that angry Democrat women will line up behind Obama eventually. So, that’s another vote for angry women swallowing the medicine.

And by the way, isn’t it a little unseemlyto see the ardent supporters of Hillary Clinton begging, whining –practically groveling –for Obama to just please let Senator Clinton have the opportunity to serve under himsomewhere as his able-bodied second or third?

I guessfor Democrats, pride apparently can be swallowed…in one big gulp.

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