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RUSH: Now, we’ve talked a lot in the past couple days about what to do here. You have called. You have asked me for leadership. You have asked me for guidance. You have called me a wimp. You have called me your hero. You’ve said I need to have answers. I don’t have all the answers for a situation like this. Thomas Sowell has written a piece. We got two of the most inadequate candidates running for president in his lifetime, two of the most inadequate. And here’s what Sowell said, by the way, in his piece. He said what it comes down to, for him, is Iran. We’re working with a nation here that is on the verge of getting a nuclear weapon, and nothing is gonna stop them from getting a nuclear weapon — especially Obama. Because Obama, all he wants to do is talk to them. Obama, in fact — John Bolton makes this point in an op-ed today in the LA Times — essentially, if you parse his speech at AIPAC yesterday, he blames the United States for the threat posed by Iran. He obviously does.

He did so by pointing out that we’ve outsourced diplomacy to the Europeans, that we need to show leadership, that we need to take the bull by the horns. This is the same guy who voted against all the diplomacy and the efforts the Bush administration made at the United Nations dealing with Iraq. So here’s a guy who wants us to say, ‘The hell with you, Europe! We’re going to go in there and we’re going to talk,’ because we haven’t talked to Iran, the mullahs are mad, Ahmadinejad is mad, and they’re going to show us. And Sowell points out, that is really frightening. And so does John Bolton. That is so naive as to blame the United States for the Iranians’ nuclear quest. He said the mullahs have to be laughing about this. They have been pursuing this on their own regardless whether we’ve treated ’em nicely, whether we’ve sat down and talked to them or not. So for Sowell it comes down to the only way I can make a choice here is that the one candidate here that’s going to stand up to the Iranians and foreign policy and is not going to put up with all this New Age psychobabble, is McCain.

He said, besides that, we’ve got two of the most inadequate candidates running for president in a long time, and that’s why there are no answers. When you call and ask, ‘What should we do?’ What can we do? Third party is third party. I guarantee you, a third party… Even now, Bob Barr. I love the guy, but he’s only going to take votes away from McCain; which, if that’s what you want to do then, of course, go ahead and vote Libertarian; but that’s going to guarantee Obama, and some of may want that. We’ve talked about that, too. But one of the things I have suggested is focusing a lot on the future. These are cycles. We can rebuild. The conservative movement can triumph once again. It’s going to have to start locally, supporting state and local conservatives in their quest, getting to know who they are, supporting them, voting for them, giving them confidence to keep going. The Club for Growth, a conservative group, had a big night Tuesday. Two candidates it endorsed and funded prevailed in hotly contested Republican primaries in New Mexico and California. This is how it’s done.


RUSH: Here are the details on the Club for Growth story. They’re a conservative anti-tax group. Steve Moore used to head ’em up, Pat Toomey now does. Big night Tuesday ‘as the two candidates it endorsed and funded prevailed in hotly contested Republican primaries in New Mexico and California. In New Mexico, Rep. Steve Pearce narrowly won the Republican primary for retiring GOP Sen. Pete V. Domenici’s seat, defeating his more moderate opponent, Rep. Heather Wilson, 51 percent to 49 percent.’ Heather Wilson, toast, moderate Republican in Arizona.

‘Pearce benefited from running as an unapologetic conservative in a low-turnout Republican primary — and received key assistance from the Club for Growth. … In California, another Club-backed candidate, conservative state Sen. Tom McClintock, easily prevailed over former Rep. Doug Ose in the Republican primary to succeed retiring Rep. John Doolittle. McClintock is a well-known conservative icon throughout the state, and while in the Legislature, he has been a vocal opponent of tax increases and wasteful government spending.’ So this is the future. These are new roots being planted, and these are the kind of things that are going to have to happen all across the country along with other things in order to bring about this rebirth of conservative — and it isn’t going to be that hard, and it isn’t going to take that long.

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