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RUSH: This is a story in the Denver Post today. They’re outta money at the Democrat National Committee and their convention. They have a host committee out there in Denver, and the host committee was responsible for raising $40.6 million in private cash donations by June 16th, and they spend the money for things like transforming the Pepsi Center into a convention hall, media facilities in and outside the hall, and hosting all of the parties. However, the Denver host committee had banked only $25 million by the end of May, so they’re $15 million short. So guess who’s coming to the rescue? A charity. They’re going to wipe out all of the parties that normally take place. They’re going to do one huge greeting party at the Denver convention center, the Colorado Convention Center where all the delegates arrive, 56 state delegations. So they’re going to have one giant bash at the Colorado Convention Center, and you know who’s paying for this? A charity called Friends of New Orleans. Do you know what the Friends of New Orleans charity does? It is a charity formed to help New Orleans recover from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. They are paying for the big party and for a concert with New Orleans-style food at the Fillmore Auditorium afterward for the 6,000 delegates and their guests on August 24th. This is the Sunday before the convention opens.

‘Traditionally, a convention city stages several parties to welcome the state delegations. Through the protracted Democratic primary season, Denver’s host committee has been struggling to meet its fundraising obligations.’ And so they’re not going to be able to do all the parties that they had planned to do. Now, maybe there’s something I’m missing here. I don’t want to jump to conclusions. But you have a city, New Orleans, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, and you have this charity set up called Friends of New Orleans to help New Orleans recover. And that charity is going to take money that it has raised and take that money to Denver and throw a huge party for all of the arriving Democrat delegates from the 56 states and territories. Now, there has to be something I’m missing. Maybe what I’m missing is that New Orleans is totally repaired. It must be fixed. It must be totally rebuilt, and all the suffering there must be over because the Friends of New Orleans is going to go out there and take money from New Orleans and spend on the Democrats ’cause the host committee in Denver failed to meet their obligations.

Maybe the Friends of New Orleans is actually not using their own money. Maybe the Friends of New Orleans is going to use money that has been siphoned off from the fraud and extortion of Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana), and now we learn members of his family are also involved in his crimes or related crimes. Details are coming up. Does this not sound a little odd to you? I’m sure there’s a perfectly rational Democrat Party explanation for this. I expect that once the word hits — it is all over the Denver Post — I suspect that once word hits that we’ll have to have reform in how Democrat National Committee parties can be thrown and who can pay for them.


RUSH: More information here on the Friends of New Orleans. It’s interesting the Denver Post did not include this information about the Friends of New Orleans. Again, this is the group that is paying for the supposed lone party. I’ll believe this when I see it, by the way, that they’re not going to have all these parties. Somebody’s going to throw parties out there. I mean, we’re not talking about a bunch of destitute people. We’re talking about filthy rich limousine liberal Democrats showing up. Somebody’s going to throw parties. We’re talking about the parties that were supposed to be thrown by the host committee, but they’re $15 million short so they gotta get money from something called the Friends of New Orleans, a nonpartisan group. Guess who runs the Friends of New Orleans? Donna Brazile, James Carville, Walter Isaacson, and they’re total partisans. But to cover themselves, they have Tommy Thompson on their board, the former governor of Wisconsin. I don’t care. I don’t care if it’s partisan or not… Doesn’t matter to me. I don’t understand how you take money away from New Orleans.

You’re going to whine and complain and moan about the federal government, you’re going to point fingers at Bush, you’re going to point fingers at FEMA, and you’re going to run your candidate for president on the basis that that kind of thing will never happen again with a Democrat running the show. And here’s this charity run by Democrats, raising money from people to rebuild New Orleans and help the people and they’re sending the money to the Democrat National Committee for a party. This is too good.

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