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Rush’s Morning Update: Historic
June 5, 2008

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Well, folks, the Drive-By Media is now consumed with the “historic” elevation of Barack Obama to Democrat standard-bearer. Now, there is anundeniable historic element to the first African-American capturing a party nomination,but that’s only a sidebar to the truly momentous implications of this election.

The great battle for the heart and soul of America is not taking place along racial lines. We, as a nation, crossed that bridge decades ago. The greatest battle America faces is an ideological one, and it’s being waged on lots of fronts.

Chief among them is the war on terrorism, where the left –led by Obama –demands that we surrenderto evil forces bent on our destruction. Or that we engage in meaningless “talks” with people who seek our obliteration. If we follow this terminally stupid lead, the history of this nation will be written in our children’s blood.

The left is also waging war against American prosperity, attacking capitalism and free markets as the enemy– instead of the driving force of growth. To serve the manmade global warming hoax, these people are more than willing to sacrifice the nation’s economic health. They also threaten our private health care system –until now, the best in world history. Democrats openly threaten to take profits from corporations, raise taxes, and redistribute more of your income. These failed policies– which have ruined nations– litter the pages of time.

If the liberalism of Barack Obama prevails,the history of America itself will be gravely wounded. All else — including race — pales in comparison.

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