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RUSH: We’ll start in Aspen Hill, Maryland, Barry, thank you for your patience and welcome.

CALLER: While we are between phases of Operation Chaos, I want to give you a big that-a-boy for a job well done, Commander. According to my math, by the time Obama pays off Hillary’s current $20 million campaign debt, Operation Chaos will be directly responsible for over a hundred million fewer dollars being spent to elect liberals to Congress in the White House this November. And, Mr. Limbaugh, having the great Senator Mitch McConnell on your show earlier really hit me hard. This is not the same media that the great Ronald Reagan faced 28 years ago. This is a democracy-undermining dynamic media. I remember seeing on the Sunday morning public affairs shows, people like Dick Cheney and James Baker, Quayle, Kissinger, Phil Gramm, Jack Kemp, Armey, Kasich, the outstanding Tom DeLay, Newt, real conservative leadership.

The media’s response to conservative talk radio has been to turn up the treason. In recent years, we only see McCain, Hagel, Grassley, Specter, Lindsey Graham, Lugar, Collins, Olympia Snowe. Where the hell are McConnell and Hatch and Tom Coburn and Sessions and DeMint? This media has now created a damn double standard within the Republican Party between maverick moderates, Republicans, and conservatives. It’s not a lack of conservative leadership, Rush, it’s a problem with the media. I agree with that great caller yesterday, Mona from Missouri, it’s a media problem, and you need to use your power to lead us to take our country back from this media, Rush. We can simply do it by forcing them to not be able to deliver their products as subsidized products.

RUSH: Well, this is something that frequently comes up. And I want to thank you very much for your endorsement of my power and my abilities, and I want to agree with you here about something. You are absolutely right when you say the media is not the same today as it was during the days of Ronaldus Magnus. Now, it was bad during the days of Ronaldus Magnus, make no mistake, they hated Reagan, but he did not have a conservative media on his side, and therefore the Drive-Bys had no competition. They were a pure monopoly back then. They have lost their monopoly, and this has forced the Drive-By Media to come out, as it were, and to openly proclaim by virtue of their deeds, their sheer liberalism. They no longer even try to mask their objectivity. They have entered the fray as activists.

The Drive-By Media today are activists, and they are agitating for an agenda, and the agenda is Barack Obama and a total control of the federal government by the Democrat Party and its liberal wing which means total control of the US economy by the Democrat Party. So it has brought them more into focus. And I believe there will be good things that happen from this. I think just as your anger and your recitations of your observations of the media are very clear to you, I think they are clear to more and more people, particularly young people. So there’s good in this as well as it is frustrating. You talk about McConnell and these other Republicans that you like, I’ve asked them, “Why won’t you go out?” “They won’t cover us,” is the answer that they give.


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