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Rush’s Morning Update: As Expected
June 4, 2008

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Hey, folks. I have here aDrive-By Media itemfrom Boston; it’sabout the success of the state’s “near-universal” heath care system.

Now, according to a new study by the Urban Institute,aleft-wing Washington think tank,the number of uninsured residents in Massachusetts has dropped nearly in half, the biggest drop coming from poor residents. And that’s as expected,given that they’re subsidized by their taxpaying neighbors. Even among higher income ranges, more people are insured. Also as expected, given that the law mandates everybody has to pay up, like it or not.

The study concludes that people are paying less for health care; emergency room visits are unchanged, and employers are keeping their own health care plans in place. As expected, given the competitive nature of businessand the desire to hold onto good employees.

So with all the good news, government officials– as expected– are crowing about the success of this Big Government health care program. Everybody’s happy…

except for the 100,000 people who’ve paid $10 million in finesbecause they didn’t sign up! Andif they don’t comply, their fines could soon rise to almost $1,000 per month per citizen.

Oh. The cost of the year-old program,which taxpayers were told would run about $700 million? Actually running closer to $900 million –and soaring. Butthe government plans to raise taxesto cover the shortfall…asexpected.

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