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RUSH: Bozeman, Montana, this is Kelly. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. What a pleasure it is to talk to the field commander —

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: — of Operation Chaos. You know, unfortunately, I think you’ll probably bring me up on court-martial charges because I didn’t follow the directions.

RUSH: What did you do?

CALLER: Well, you know, I was sitting in the parking lot of the polling place, and I called quite a while ago and had to wait, but I got thinking about a couple things. First of all, you know what happened in the state of Montana about 132 years ago?

RUSH: State of Montana 132 years ago. Old Faithful went dry for a day.

CALLER: No, in the history of military campaigns, it was one of the most spectacularly colossally bad, poorly fought battles, that’s when Custer died.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, Custer’s last stand. Okay.

CALLER: Yeah, so Hillary tried to make her last stand in this state, and I’ve always been a little confused about Operation Chaos, because the notion is you bludgeon and you beat up and you bloody Obama, but I think he is the best possible thing for this country, and let me explain myself. And it’s something you talked about, actually. Congressional override of the veto, the presidential veto, and got me thinking there is nothing that McCain can do to serve the interests of conservatism or the Republican Party. So, in my mind, you know, I cast my vote, and I fired my barrel at Hillary by voting for Obama because I think that our nation needs four years of undisputed control by the Democratic Party that will make the seventies, the late seventies look like Camelot. You know, I bought my first home, 21 percent interest, I had to carry on a second, and it was dismal, it was terrible. And I think to make the patient well, you need to make the patient sick. And before conservatism can come —

RUSH: I wouldn’t go that far, I mean sometimes this stuff sounds wise, but you don’t want to make — I know what you’re saying. We’ve said it on this program in our own unique fashion in the form of a posed question. If we take a set of givens, Democrats have a 50- to 70-seat majority in the House, a seven- to 12-seat majority in the Senate, regardless who’s elected president. Okay, now, what’s better for conservatism: McCain to be in the White House and when the country goes to hell, the Republican Party getting the blame for it, because the president always does, or Obama in the White House, or Hillary, and the country goes to hell and the Democrats are running the whole show? Which is basically the question that you posed. You know, it has never been my advice, strategery, or policy to purposely lose elections, and it isn’t that now, that’s not the case now.

As for Operation Chaos, you have not disobeyed orders. You are not going to be court-martialed because there were no orders from headquarters in Montana. We did not issue any Operation Chaos orders there, and just so you understand, Operation Chaos was not organized and its purpose was not to create a particular nominee. It was to create total chaos in the Democrat Party so that whoever the nominee was, they’ve got a mess on their hands. By all ways of measure, a dramatic and overwhelming success. The purpose of Operation Chaos was also to bloody up — politically, of course — Barack Obama. An overwhelming, surpassing all objectives, success. I understand your theory, and a lot of people probably agree with you to one degree or another.

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