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RUSH: Our poster babe, poster child for Operation Chaos is continuing to talk. This is Harriet Christian, and we had her audio sound bites yesterday from Saturday outside the hotel in Washington at the Democrat National Committee rules and bylaws committee. She was on Cavuto’s show yesterday on the Fox News Channel. And he said to her, ‘Can you see any scenario under which Hillary Clinton wins?’

CHRISTIAN: If they had had and will continue to try to have a fair process.

CAVUTO: What if she were the running mate for Barack Obama?

CHRISTIAN: I would not vote for the ticket.


CHRISTIAN: Because I still feel that Obama does not have the qualifications to steal the election away from Hillary Clinton.

CAVUTO: Now, why do you say ‘steal,’ though, Harriet? He did win a lot of primaries, a lot of caucuses.

CHRISTIAN: How did he win? If you examine many of the caucuses, there was so many shenanigans going on, how can you possibly say it was a fair campaign? They locked people out of caucuses.

RUSH: Now, Harriet, now, now, now, you’re talking about the Clintons here getting aced out by this rookie? Harriet, the problem is they thought they had this in the bag and they didn’t put any time in on the caucuses. Then Cavuto said, ‘You’re saying if he were a white man…’

CHRISTIAN: If he were a white man right now, he never would have jumped into the race with the inexperience that he has. He was in the south side of Chicago and talks about the community work he did. He was eliminating asbestos, which he never eliminated, from low-income housing.

CAVUTO: You agree with Geraldine Ferraro, it’s much the same thing, if he were not African-American, he wouldn’t be where he is, but you see how some would turn that around, Harriet, and say, that’s a racist remark?

CHRISTIAN: As far as I’m concerned, I am the furthest thing from a racist. But again I say, I believe in equality for all. Why aren’t we given the same equal rights, and I’m speaking about myself personally as a woman.

RUSH: The question now becomes, just how many women in the Democrat Party feel as Harriet Christian does, that the Democrat Party is stomping on them and denying ’em access and equal rights and so forth? How many women feel that way? This election could be one of the most wackiest, most upside down things to occur in my lifetime.

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