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RUSH: This is Saturday in Washington, Andrea Mitchell, after the rules and bylaws committee meeting, said this about the protesters.

MITCHELL: Clinton supporters have poured out of the balcony here right behind us and they’re shouting: ‘Denver, Denver,’ in other words, on to Denver. They say they want to be there at the convention.

RUSH: Now, Tom Foreman of CNN says this about the protesters.

FOREMAN: There are many people who came out of this very, very, very angry and in almost my entire time in politics, I’ve never seen anything quite like it, a lot of people yelling that they will take this to Denver, yelling that they felt robbed of their vote. We saw some Obama supporters in the middle of all that saying they were shocked at how angry the Clinton supporters were. A lot of the women here who said they felt this was a personal affront on a gender line.

RUSH: Did you hear the screaming in the background? What are the odds of this? Here’s CNN’s Tom Foreman saying, I’ve never quite seen anything like this my entire time in politics. Never seen a protest like this that took place on Saturday? Take this to Denver? Really, Obama supporters shocked at how angry the Clinton supporters were? Does nobody listen to me on the Democrat side of this? As the commander-in-chief of Operation Chaos, I have spelled this out from shortly before the Texas and Ohio primaries, precisely what is going on. I have addressed the women on the Hillary Clinton support team. I know how upset they are. I know how angry they are. I can relate to them. I have spoken to them about it. I’ve let them know from my heart I understand how they feel. They feel thrown out; they feel discarded after being made to feel they ran that party. They have just been discarded. They are fit to be tied. They know full well Obama’s not qualified to be president. They know full well and they’re starting to ask themselves, ‘What the hell did we ever do to warrant this kind of disrespect from the party that we saved?’ Meaning the Clintons.

Here’s David in Toronto, Canada. David, nice to have you with us on the EIB Network today. Hello.

CALLER: Great to be with you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Longtime listener since 1989.

RUSH: Appreciate that.

CALLER: What amazes me from the vantage point of Canada is, all these people that are so angry with Barack Obama and the DNC, why aren’t they angry with Hillary Clinton? She’s waged such a lousy campaign that she basically had this thing won, and one folly after the next she lost it.

RUSH: Well, it’s an interesting question. Do you have your own theory as to the answer?

CALLER: Well, I just think that — I really think the argument for entitlement is there. Everybody just felt that she had it sewn up, and it’s like spoiled little kids that just are stomping their feet.

RUSH: True. But why aren’t they mad at her at least in part, even a little, for running such a horrible campaign? Because, you’re right, she has.

CALLER: If you go back to 2000 when Gore lost to Bush, in September before the election he was up by 17 points. Why weren’t they angry at Gore that he lost it?

RUSH: Well, because they don’t think he lost it.

CALLER: Well, this is my point: They’re always looking for somebody else to blame. Obama is not to blame; the DNC isn’t to blame. Hillary, just one step after another has waged a negative, ineffective campaign. She ignored the caucuses; she dragged out the dirt when probably she didn’t need to. I think the Clinton magic is just off, and, I think you’re right, that she lost it on her own.

RUSH: Well, you have a lot to recommend your remarks, there’s no question about it. Everything we said about her apparently has been realized. She’s not likable. She’s not charismatic. She does look like Nurse Ratched. She doesn’t appear friendly, testicle lockbox, all of these things. Now, these women that support Hillary are chalking it all up to sexism. I think you hit the nail on the head. There was a sense of entitlement, a sense of coronation. The Clintons expected this to happen, the coronation. They thought it would be over on Super Tuesday. I don’t know that they ever factored in an Obama, but when Obama came around, remember a year ago when the puff pieces on Obama started, and it was about this time that they did, maybe 14 months ago. We were so convinced that Hillary and Bill were running that whole show. I remember I said, ‘Yeah, I don’t think this Obama amounts to anything. He’s just there to illustrate for people that Hillary can overcome a challenge, that she can win a fight, because they’ve gotta make it look like she has to struggle in order to win this. They can’t make it look like the coronation that it is really slated to be.’ Then something went off the tracks.

Look, everybody has said it for I don’t know how long: The more she talks, the deeper her numbers plunge. The higher her disapprovals go, the more she talks. If she could just shut up and just run around and just smile and so forth and not say anything, she could protect her numbers. But, of course, in a campaign you can’t do that; you have to speak. As to why the women don’t blame Mrs. Clinton, look, the whole feminist movement is based on entitlement. It’s based on, ‘We’re a minority; we have been savaged; we’ve been taken advantage of; we’ve been taken for granted; we’ve been mistreated; we are owed this.’ And it is apparent the Democrat Party decided that they didn’t owe the Clintons anymore. They thought it was safe; they thought they could survive by getting rid of the Clintons. Now, Mrs. Clinton has done the best when she’s done what? When she’s made herself out to be a victim; when she has been a cliche of a woman; when she’s cried. Remember that planted question? How do you do it all? How do you do your hair and your makeup and you still campaign all these hours? (doing Clinton impression) ‘It’s hard — (crying) — it’s hard. I love my country.’ Bam, wins the New Hampshire primary. This should have made women mad.

But here’s the thing. When she portrayed herself the victim, that’s when she started succeeding. When she became Nurse Ratched, it all went down the tubes. Stop and think, folks, here’s something that I think you women on the Hillary side who are understandably angry about this, I mean you’re probably a little angry she played the victim card. That’s not what feminism taught you, to be victim. You’re supposed to make victims of people. You’re supposed to make people cry. You’re supposed to make people wince in pain as you zoom past ’em. Here she’s out there playing the victim. It was just demeaning. She had to resort to being a cliched woman in order to get sympathy and so forth. She just wasn’t consistent. But where would she have been without me? No, seriously, I’m not asking this from a standpoint of ego. Where would Mrs. Clinton have been without Operation Chaos? Who was it that sustained this campaign and even gave it a shot Saturday? Who was it that came to her rescue, the damsel in distress? Didn’t cost her a dime. She had to borrow money from herself, or Bill. But who was it that sustained this campaign and made it obvious that Obama was incompetent and inexperienced and runs around with reprobates? Operation Chaos.

I’m not looking for gratitude. I’m not looking for thanks. But you women out there asking, ‘Hillary, what happened to her, how did she get screwed?’ where would you have been without me and Operation Chaos? You wouldn’t have even made it to the rules and bylaws committee meeting Saturday to conduct your protests ’cause it would have been over long before that.


RUSH: We have a little clip here of Bill Clinton in Milbank, South Dakota, today. He’s campaigning at a Hillary event. This is like very, very short. There’s music under it, too, but this is what he said.

CLINTON: I want to say also that this may be the last day I’m ever involved in a campaign of this kind.

RUSH: I wish… Somebody ask Cookie if there was any applause after. We have a habit of cutting applause just to save time. There was no applause? There was no applause? Okay, no applause. ‘This may be the last day I’m ever involved in a campaign of this kind.’ It does not mean that they’re not going to take this to convention? Clinton has never been involved in a convention fight. Whenever he got there, it was all wrapped up. So gotta parse, but he’s trying to make people feel sorry. I know this guy. He wants this audience to feel sorry for him. (doing Clinton impression) ‘By the way, I want to say this may be the last day I’m ever involved in a campaign of this kind. You better elect Hillary if you want to see more of me, because if you don’t elect her and she doesn’t win this, you may never see me again,’ and he wants the audience to go, ‘Oh, ho-ho-ho, no!’ So another post-bypass surgery moment for Bill.

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