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RUSH: More global warming absurdity at TIME Magazine. They have a video at TIME.com on how to cook insects. Now, the reason, ladies and gentlemen, is because if we start eating insects, we eat less beef, which will help carbon emissions, will help global warming. Eating bugs, a great way to save the planet. They do! They show you how to cook beetles, grasshoppers, silkworms, and centipedes out there. I mean, is that not absurd? It’s a great source of vitamin A and other nutrients say these idiots. But one of those commenting at TIME.com says, ‘Well, aren’t we going to be using energy to cook the insects? Why not just eat them raw?’ It just gets more and more and more absurd. It’s like Vaclav Klaus said at the National Press Club recently, facts don’t matter anymore. But here you go, May 2008 another cold month for more than 75% of the nation, May was cooler than normal, as much as six degrees Fahrenheit below in the far north central, sharp contrast to May 2007 which was warm in the same areas that it was cold this year. May 2007 was the 11th warmest May for the United States. In fact, as our climate specialist, Roy Spencer, constantly reminds me, all these tornadoes happen because of cold air masses, not warming. That’s why you’re not hearing anybody blame all this on global warming. They understand that tornadoes are caused by cold air masses.

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