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Rush’s Morning Update: Stung!
June 3, 2008

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With Senator Obama poised to vanquish Hillary, sending her to the ash heap of failed Democrat contenders,the Drive-Bys are analyzing what went wrong for the Clinton campaign. This week’s New Republic examines one thing that went wrong– and her name is Nancy Pelosi.

Hillary insiders are furious that despite Pelosi’s claims of “neutrality,” she supported Obama in the primaries. First, Pelosi called for superdelegates to vote “the will of the people,” which echoed Obama’s position. Second, Pelosi vehemently opposed the so-called dream ticket of Obama/Clinton. And third, Pelosi virtually endorsed Obama in the Wall Street Journal, saying: “[H]e’s advocating what I’ve been advocating for a long time.”

According tothe Clinton camp, Pelosi believes that Obama will have longer coattails and help Democrats down-ticket races,bestowing more power on her. Also, that Pelosi thinks that she can roll a President Obama because he’s so vapid and stu…”inexperienced.”

There’s also this key analysis. If Hillary were to win the White House, quote: “Pelosi would lose the advantages that attend being ‘the most senior skirt in the land.'”

That sound familiar? It should! Early in this race it was I who told you about the Queen Bee Syndrome of female rivalry in the workplace; there’s no such thing as two women sharing power, folks. Nancy Pelosi is the Queen Bee in Washington– and I told you she’ll do whatever it takes to remain Queen Bee. Now Hillary is finally getting the message;her wings have been clipped.

Hillary, you’ve been stung by the killer Queen Bee –Big Time. We tried to help, but youcan’t fly anymore.

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