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RUSH: Back to the phones we go here on the EIB Network, Rush Limbaugh to Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is Sherry. Great to have you here. Welcome.

CALLER: Well, thank you very much. I’m a lifelong Democrat. A friend finally convinced me to listen to you probably about six months ago, and I have enjoyed listening to your program, although I don’t always agree with you.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that. Thank you very much.

CALLER: I am calling because… I’m sure you can tell it, but not only am I nervous, I am so mad because I cannot understand how any American that loves America, truly loves America; could vote for Obama, who very apparently hates this country. What will he do when he becomes president? I mean, it doesn’t matter what gender you are, what race you are. How in the world could you vote for a man like this? And, you know, people say, ‘Well, Hillary. Everybody hates Hillary. They don’t want her in there.’ Well, one thing about Hillary and the Clintons. They’ve at least been investigated from every angle for the last 20 years.

RUSH: Well, that’s saying something. That is saying something.

CALLER: Yeah. I know you’re being sarcastic.

RUSH: Well, no —

CALLER: But truly they’re not going to have many things left that’s going to come out, I don’t believe, but what do we know about Obama? Nothing! The very things were just barely scraped at, and then everything that if you say anything about that, I mean: Oh, my goodness, we’re racist! This has nothing to do with race. This has to do with putting a man in the presidency of the United States that hates this country. I mean, you know, Hitler was the —

RUSH: Wait a second —

CALLER: — cruelest and worst leader of all time but I’ll bet you he loved his country.

RUSH: So Obama is worse than Hitler?

CALLER: In my opinion, yes.

RUSH: Let me ask you a question. I’m sitting here; I’m somewhat stupefied because I thought I understood Democrats pretty well. I understand the riff. I understand that there are a lot of female Democrats who are just livid over how Hillary has been treated here. Are you one of those? Are you upset at the way she’s been treated? Not just that the party’s on the cusp of nominating Obama, but are you worried — are you mad about the way she’s been treated?

CALLER: That does not bother me at all. I would vote for any Democrat over Obama.

RUSH: Let me ask you, I’m being dead serious. Do not read anything into this. Do you go to church every Sunday?

CALLER: No, I do not.

RUSH: Do you have a gun?

CALLER: (laughter) Unfortunately, no.

RUSH: Unfortunately no? Okay, well, I’m just trying to understand, ’cause Obama is losing votes with a lot of Democrats who he says cling to religion and their guns because they don’t like people that don’t look like them and this sort of thing. I was just wondering if you were one of the kinds of people he’s described and he’s really offended.

CALLER: I’m just an American that loves this country. I am religious.

RUSH: I have to ask you, if you’re an American that loves the country, what do you think about Democrat Senators like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi urging the defeat of the US military in Iraq?

CALLER: I think it’s disgusting. We’re in there now. I didn’t agree with it. At the time, I actually agreed with it because I really thought they were going to find weapons of mass destruction, and I wanted Bush and our soldiers to go in there and kick butt and get rid of them. As it’s turned out, as we know, there wasn’t any, but regardless, we’re there now. We can’t get out now until we win that. We can’t get out in disgrace. It’s going to be worse if we leave now, so we’ve got to finish the job.

RUSH: Well, doesn’t it bother you that that’s not the position of your party?

CALLER: Oh, yeah! Yeah. By far.

RUSH: Hillary doesn’t care about winning there. She wants to pull out as quickly as she can, too?

CALLER: Well, I think Hillary is smart enough to, when she gets into office, becomes the president, she’d realize we can’t get out of there now, and she’d have to change and she’d have to stay in there until the job was finished.

RUSH: All right, I’m going to answer your questions now because you said, ‘We don’t know what Obama is going to do. We don’t know who he is. Hillary, at least they’ve been investigated; we know who they are.’ I’m going to tell you right now, Sherry, exactly what’s going to happen if Obama is elected, and I think people need to seriously start thinking about this. He cannot leave that church. That church is Obama. He may physically leave it, but that church is in his heart and it’s in his soul. He knows who those preachers are. He knows what they are, always has. I’m convinced that Father Pfleger was brought in there to rile up the congregation to give Obama the excuse to leave the church, so he could leave it not because of something that Reverend Wright said, but because of something a white Catholic priest said. But he can never leave it because the church is who he is. Now, Sherry, here’s what’s going to happen. Barack Obama — and you’re right. Nobody knows hardly anything about him. We just have to assume. The people he runs around with are very, very fishy.

They’re anti-American. They’re terrorists. They hate the country. They’re shady characters. They’re embezzlers. Barack Obama will do anything to become president. He will even deny who he is until the election is over. He will deny his long-time friends further association with him until the election is over. Nobody has pointed out that the people with whom he surrounds himself represent the kind of people that he will appoint to high government posts in his administration. He is going to load up the foreign policy apparatus are unilateral disarmament types, with people that are anti-Israel and are anti-US sovereignty. He will load up the departments and the agencies with people who will try to regulate society into their own images. I think we all need to start thinking and imagining what an Obama administration will be like, what it will do. They will seek permanent change through the bureaucracy. They will seek statutory change through the Congress, and will seek backing from the law through the judiciary. Everything’s going to be on the table. Nothing will be safe or secure. This would be one of the most radical, leftist administrations in this history of this country, and it’s time to seriously consider it.


RUSH: More Father Pfleger audio, ladies and gentlemen. From Sunday, May 25th. Now, this is the same sermon in which he sounded just like Jeremiah Wright talking about how Hillary is sitting out there, sees white, this guy’s black, can’t believe she’s losing the campaign to this unexperienced black guy, all the stuff that caused Obama to finally say he’s quitting or leaving the church. Here is something else that Father Pfleger said in that same sermon.

PFLEGER: Racism is still America’s greatest addiction. I also believe that America is the greatest sin against God. If the greatest command is to love, then the sin against love must be the greatest sin against God, who is love, and who calls us to love one another! So, then, this greatest sin against God — racism — is as natural as the air we breathe.

RUSH: You know, this didn’t take long to get out, either. This is the same sermon that caused Obama to leave the church, ‘America is the greatest sin against God.’ Now, keep in mind, Obama is going to have to have the votes of white people if he has a chance to win the presidency, and he’s not going to get the votes of white people if he’s a member of that church, and when this guy starts going nuts, that congregation stands up, folks, and it is dance party. I mean, it is Dick Clark’s Bandstand. They’re in there, and they are just going nuts, and they’re having the best time. That video is out there, and Obama cannot win, he had to get out of that church. I am more convinced than ever that Pfleger’s sermon last Sunday, the 25th of May, was done in an inflammatory manner on purpose to give Obama the break, the excuse to get out of there and he quits, or says he quits, he leaves the church because of a sermon by a deranged-sounding white guy. He also ripped the Clintons in the same sermon and the immensely popular Joel Osteen in another crazy sermon.

PFLEGER: Young woman running for president — what’s her name, Hilltop or — what’s her name? Oh, Hillary, Hillary. Hillborn, hilltop. Talk about white vote ain’t going to vote for him. She must not have been to Iowa. (cheers and applause) Trying to distract him, talk about, what did your preacher say? Hillary and McCain would wish they had a preacher with the integrity of a Jeremiah Wright. They wished they had a brother who would stand up and tell it like it is and not be ashamed or apologetic. They got some old weak preacher, ‘Jesus loves you,’ some old Joel Osteen cotton candy preacher — oh, now got the Osteen people mad at me. But that’s all right. Jesus loves you. I know he does, but there’s some stuff wrong in my life. Everything’s wonderful. No, everything ain’t wonderful.

RUSH: That was May 25th in his own church, the St. Sabina church, Father Michael Pfleger. So he was out there two sermons in one day at two different churches. This is not coincidental. Nothing that happens in the Obama campaign is coincidental. Now, yesterday in Chicago, late yesterday in Chicago, Michael Pfleger finally reacted.

PFLEGER: I am deeply sorry and I pray that my apology will be accepted even by those who have told me they won’t accept it. As a result of this, over 3,000 e-mails of hate and threats and name-calling, who have gone so far to say, ‘Kill yourself; take your life.’

RUSH: So here we have a guy dishing out hatred every day in the guise of religion, who is acting like the victim because of e-mails he’s getting as a result of what he said. Anyway, he’s the reason, he’s the exit strategy for Barack Obama from his church, and I just wanted you to hear more of what this guy had to say. This is who Obama is. He may disown this guy now, or throw him aside, but they’ll be back arm in arm shortly after the election, whether Obama wins this or loses it. He cannot separate himself from who he is. And that’s his biggest task, is trying to tell us that he’s somebody he isn’t. But the cat’s out of the bag now. There’s just too much. We know who this guy has been hanging around with for all these years. Senator Obama, you better find a normal person to bring forth as a friend of yours. Somebody that’s just like all the rest of us that is one of your pals that you hang around with, because, so far, everybody that’s come forth, one of your spiritual advisors, your mentor, your pastor or whatever, your close friend, your fundraisers, they’re either terrorists, anti-Americans, hate-filled nummkoffs, embezzlers, radicals. I mean your close group of people are the kind of people that are not interested in any kind of unity, which, by the way, neither is Obama. That’s another facade. He’s not interested in unity. Obama is interested in a monologue, he is only interested in people who agree with him, and that’s who he will have unity with. If you don’t agree with him, he’s not going to reach out to you. You’re going to get stomped on or you won’t exist.

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