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RUSH: As you know, we always give a hearty welcome to brand-new sponsors on the EIB Network, and this is a great one. Joseph A. Bank men’s clothiers. Now, the chairman and CEO of Jos. A. Bank is a good golfing buddy of mine. His name is Bob Wildrick. There’s only one thing wrong with Bob Wildrick, and that is he sounds just like Dick Durbin. Not what he says, but his voice quality. He’s been the CEO of Jos. A. Bank for quite a long time, and he’s a fabulous guy. They have a line of clothing and he brought some of this stuff by my house about a month ago. He brought like half a store. The line of clothing that they are pushing this summer is called Stays Cool: shirts, slacks, shorts, golf shirts, dress shirts, long sleeve, short sleeve; the whole nine yards. The Stays Cool collection made of 100% cotton. You don’t know you’re wearing the stuff, and it’s not expensive at all. My brother shops exclusively at Jos. A. Bank. This Stays Cool sportswear, here’s what it does: ‘It evaporates moisture from your skin without compromising look or comfort.’ No stains end up on the clothes. I’ve tested the stuff. I wore it at my big-time Memorial Day barbecue outside. I really did not feel like I had it on. It was a short-sleeve shirt, did not tuck it in, casual as it could be, Stays Cool is the name, and it is worth your looking into, especially since we’ve got the heat of the summer coming up now. You will look great; you will stay dry all summer long.

They have a website, as every place does now, that you can check this: JosBank.com. Don’t put the A in there. J-o-s-b-a-n-k.com. Just look for the Stays Cool sportswear collection. They’ve got more than 400 stores, and they — (interruption) what, Snerdley? What now? I was eating Allen Brothers, that’s exactly right. I was eating Allen Brothers, everybody was eating Allen Brothers, and they were loving it, and they were saying, you know, Father’s Day is coming up, and it would be really great if somebody got me some Allen Brothers steaks instead of a tie or a card or what have you. Allen Brothers steaks while I was wearing the Jos. A. Bank Stays Cool, yes. Slacks, shirts. Folks, check it out. I know it doesn’t sound possible. You say, ‘How in the world, Rush, can you put on a dress shirt and sweat and it doesn’t show?’ Just try it. It stays dry. It stays cool. Now, look, if you jump in the swimming pool, I mean don’t do that. Of course it gets wet. But in the normal course of going through your business day or a casual day if you wear this stuff on the golf course, I’m telling you, you’ll be far more comfortable, a lot less wet. This is really quality stuff that’s affordable. Great selection. You will be amazed. Jos. A. Bank is the name of the company. You’ve seen all their ads on cable TV, but the website’s josbank.com. We welcome them as official sponsors to the EIB Network.

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